There’s a reason this long time  and well-liked couple has appeared to defy the Hollywood odds and stay happily married – THEY’RE SWINGERS! They have a tight-knit group of celebrity friends and industry movers and shakers, and they host sex parties – frequently swapping partners. They’re smart enough to only invite A-Listers into this group because they wouldn’t want their secret revealed or used against them for nefarious purposes. Long story short, they host swinging sex parties at their Santa Barbara home -away from Hollywood -and that explains why they appear so happy after all these years.



11 thoughts on “HOLLYWOOD WHODUNIT

  1. Pretty sure it’s Sunny Hostin from “The View” and her husband Manny

  2. Ellen & Portia or Oprah & Stepped on, or Mila & Ashton since all of them seem like dirtbags and have defended and been friends with pedos & serial abusers could be any/all of them. BTW engaging in meaningless dangerous, boundary destroying where you have to sneak around is not a sign of a “happy” let alone healthy partnership.

  3. It’s well known that “Gelman” from the Kelly Ripa show and his wife have been in ‘the lifestyle’ since the early noughts at least. So Kelly and Mark swinging with them and Sunny Hostin is not out of the question.
    But Kelly isn’t “A” list by any stretch and Mark was a “D” listed soap actor.

  4. Do any of you people know where Santa Barbra is? It’s in California, Ellen & Portia and Oprah have estates there, the rest, Gelman, Kelly & Mark, Sunny Hostin, Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedwick all live on the east coast don’t have homes in Santa Barbara.

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