One of America’s Sweethearts is battling a serious drug addiction- not hers, but her best friend’s. Through the years these two have been stuck to one another like white on rice and her fame rubbed off on her pal. They’ve been roomies, have worked together on set, and even launched a business venture together. But all that success has come with a price. After years of being sober, the less famous friend has fallen HARD off the wagon and our gal doesn’t know what to do. She’s hosted an intervention, hired an addiction specialist, and even threatened to end the friendship, but nothing seems to work. What’s a girl to do?

12 thoughts on “HOLLYWOOD WHODUNIT

  1. when you’re drinking a few bears you are addicted to alcohol, hahahahahahaha.
    the same with pot………..

  2. My first thought was Taylor and Karli just like CoCo. Karli being the addict

  3. I feel like this is Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz or Reece Witherspoon.

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