This unlikely romance caught us by surprise and while their official spin is “opposites attract” – that couldn’t be further from the truth. These two lovebirds are more alike than meets the eye – topping their list of similarities: they’re bisexual! She likes girls AND guys and so does he. They have a unique arrangement – they’re both allowed to make passes at others as long as their indiscretions are with the SAME sex. She’s allowed to sleep with other girls, and he’s allowed to sleep with other men, but they’re not allowed to stray with members of the opposite sex. Odd, yes, but it seems to be a winning formula for them!


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11 thoughts on “HOLLYWOOD WHODUNIT

  1. It could be Justin & very bi Jessica Biel or Christina Aguilera and her man…….or both couples!

  2. Its neither couples as they are not new relationships,both couples are married. Janet is insinuating a couple that has recently began dating…

  3. Aaron is no gobber so that is out.

    Has Angie gone back to being the object of muncher Jenny Shimizu?

    Is Sam Ronson still riding oddball Cassandra Grey nightly?

  4. Eden is way off the mark. Not Aaron.

    Shaline may be a knarly muff diver but Aaron is under too much scrutiny for many years for it to have not come out. Bitter Olivia and Danica would have outed him in a minute.

    Maybe the she is Suze Orman…..well known diver and full of mediocre advice.

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