This Hilary Swank scandal is leaving a bad taste in our mouths for many reasons. As you know, she is under fire for accepting a bundle of money to participate in the birthday celebration of bloodthirsty tyrant Ramzan Kadyrov, the President of Chechnya. Granted, resisting the generous hospitality of Russian billionaires is not easy, but this guy is rotten to the core. Keep in mind, Seal and Jean Claude Van Damme enjoyed the same circumstances as Hilary and THEY should be every bit as ashamed. If Hilary HAD researched Kadyrov, as she claimed, she would know that kidnapping, torture, and murder are his specialties, and that includes killing female journalists who write about him. Kadyrov is a Muslim with contempt for women, who believes that “women are the property of their husbands” and he approves of “honor killings.” What’s more, he forces the women of his country to wear SCARVES. That makes Hilary’s support of Kadyrov a crime against women’s rights. What’s most disappointing is the fact that Hilary parted with her management team rather than take responsibility for her own actions.



  1. How is any differenty when american taxpayers are mislead and forced to fund isreal occupying palestine and commiting apartheid?
    Janet, why do you care so much what other people want to do with their money when americans have no choice when the money is given to isreal to buy aresnals to use it on american soldiers and humanity. Starving, throwing anthrax, poison on people, destroying their land, and livestock. How is this any different when the president, congress, senate, mayor, judges, police of the united states is paid by IPAC to represent them and do their bidding if not the candidates will not win, dismissed and character assisnation? Should america sell their homes and cars and give them selves for jews because they consider us goyims? Janet, sell yours first and suck all thier cocks, lay in a tub so they can jerk off of you and then I will consider.

  2. Hillary has a huge mouth. She cant be so dumb as not to know the history of such a dictator and just like J Lo was happy to accept the $$$$ and then make some kind of PC statement.

    Chechnya and its problems and relations w/ Russia are far above the knowledge base of Hillary and most of the JC glee club of posters.

  3. Actually Janet, isn’t part of management’s job to screen offers for her? I’m not saying she’s off the hook, but if she depended upon and paid them to vet offers, then they should be fired for recommending this one. Of course if she knew and took it for the money, then shame on her.

  4. It is her management’s responsibility to vet offers, but they also receive a percentage of the money she makes on paid appearances. My guess is her management relied on the fact that most Americans are too dumb to know anything about Chechnya and assumed her appearance would pass under the radar of America’s knowledge of world events.

  5. I agree; if Hillary knew and went anyway, then shame on her. She should take it upon herself to be completely knowledgeable about what “charity” type shindigs she goes to, instead of blindly going and running into messes like this one.

  6. It’s a whole other (ugly) world where celebrities get paid to turn up at events they don’t have a clue about. Surely Hillary Swank earns enough from movies to pay her rent?! In that case it’s just about greed, and getting money just because you can. Why else would she be there? She obviously didn’t know the guy.

    That said, I reckon 99% of ‘celebrities’ would have done exactly the same. It’s just baffling why she would have agreed to go, even if she didn’t know who he was.

  7. To those who agree, so you agree and happy like a pig that your money goes to support Israel, the lies, the wars, the american soldiers dead, american soldiers coming back with half a leg, half an arm, coming back home toxic, making deformed babies with their wife or girlfriend. The news are is made up by the zionist to make tv watchers think like zombies or not think at all and go with the flow.

  8. The whole ‘Hillary Swank’ issue bothers me.

    1. She chooses to name herself after a pornographic magazine.

    2.She has 2 Oscars and Julianne Moore has none? WTF?

  9. As long as Hilary fired her management I think she is okay. I think the firing atoned for her mistake. Did she give the money to a charity that helps the victims of this monster? I sure hope so, for her sake. Blood money is NEVER a good thing!

    PS Sounds like a country where Tom aka Norman Bates aka Psycho would fit in quite easily!

  10. POISONally, I never cared for Hilary Swank or for any movie she ever made. Her mouth full of too many teeth is a huge distraction.

  11. Another celeb caught “palling around” with terrorists or murderous dictators…why am I not shocked.

  12. @Hell0…..Billions of our Tax Dollars also go to several Middle Eastern countries …Not to mention Hillary and Obama are toppling all these dictatorships with our Troops under NATO only to be replaced by the Muslim Brotherhood and it’s offshoot Al Qaeda. Try making sense of that.

  13. We shouldn’t be giving our money to anybody,’cuz we ain’t got none. We is broke. We borrow money to give away and then we can barely pay the interest on the ever-increasing debt. We is not only broke, we is stoopid.

  14. Good blog. Great blog. Who are these freaks hating on it? It’s a celebrity blog with substance. Shaddap, haters.

  15. seriously weird people post comments here.
    i was going to try to reply to the first post…but ugh, nevermind.

  16. How I like when these hypocrites pose as innocents! They fuckin knew who Kadyrov was and what was he doing, but to them all that matters is the money. Period. They dont care if the person who invited and paid them is a serial killer, a rapist, a paedophile or a mobster. MONEY IS ALL THAT MATTERS, period.

  17. Obama just Bailed Out Greece with OUR MONEY …..by giving 105 BILLION to the IMF (International Monetary Fund).
    Were we even consulted. Are we in a Dictatorship now.
    Whatever happened to “We The People”

  18. why is every one against Swank? why not against Seal or JCVD…?
    does any one remembers when Beyonce sung for Kadafi? or when Dicaprio met Poutine?

    she probably didn’t know who the guy was and her team probably said her he’s the president of a unknown country and he wanted to meet her and he would give her a great paycheck for it

  19. Muffin: Thanks, and great question.

    John Candy
    John Forsythe

    Oops, all gone.

  20. Yep….Beyonce and J Lo got a pass….PC IS TRYING TO control where people go..then look at the celebs who wear fur and eat meat (much meat in both ends) it is the PC police in charge and how many celebs have a brain large enough to make a statement on politics anyway? Listen to any of these try to say a sentence and it is like listening to Whitney Houston speak.

  21. ………….or just kill yourself with the little help of a ‘Winchester.22’.

  22. I cant imagine why Miss Swank needs more money in the first place! Swank is a successful actor who has received 2 oscars for best actress in the last 10 years, why bother with these paid appearances in some remote part of the world?
    But Miss Charlton, I think you are being too harsh. Swank made a mistake in judgment and has returned the money she received as her fee.
    That is all there is to this controversy, IMO.

  23. I find it even more offensive that our Media puts a happy face on tyrants such as Castro, Chavez and “President” Hu Jintao of China when they are Dictators. Even honoring Communists with State Dinners at the Whitehouse.

  24. Even more offensive is our foreign policy of trying to dictate what type of govt other countries should have. Our only interest should be of whatever is in our interest. Do gooder’s to the rear of the line…please.

  25. She infamously sold out her ex-husband to get the cover of Vanity Fair. That episode—and this one are examples of her character.

    Possible to get away with when you are a pretty girl, but when you have the unmistakable face of a horse in mid-stride at the Kentucky Derby?

    Much tougher to pull off.

  26. why, whenever I see Swank, the only thing that pops into my head is CHRISTOPHER BURKE!!!!!!!! And thank God for that.

    Bet he’d never sell his soul for $$$$$

  27. First things first this woman has really busted her butt to get to wear she is at today and what ever she does has nothing to do with any one in this world..I think that every one is coming down hard on this woman….Hilary has her own reasons for doing what she wants to do with her life and…She has the right to choose her company and spend time with who ever she wants to spend time with!

  28. Miss Swank is smart and Beautiful and really Rocks her life from top to bottom and of course she felt safe and secure and felt nothing bad would happen to her! First things first she is a grown woman who has a right to pick and choose the company she keeps….Every person you meet in life is no Angle and some people sin in the worst way ever but that is there life and it has nothing to do with the person in front of them and on many levels! There must be massive amounts of respect and want of Miss Swanks company in order to pay her for her time…She is Beautiful and Lovely and has a Great personality and Smart!

  29. Lets face the cold hard facts in this world there are Millions or even Billions of people in this world but to pick some one with Grace and Beauty and Talent on many levels is lucky to have spent the time with Miss Hilary Swank is a Dream come true!

  30. As stated:

    Hillary has a huge and horse like mouth. She cant be so dumb as not to know the history of such a dictator and just like J Lo was happy to accept the $$$$ and then make some kind of PC statement.

    Chechnya and its problems and relations w/ Russia are far above the knowledge base of Hillary and most of the JC glee club of posters.

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