Madonna turned up at JFK airport looking like THIS. Flaunting nothing. No sense of style whatsoever- completely buried in baggy attire. Expensive, but baggy. She’s with her bodyguard and on her way to England to prepare for her first sold out concert in 10 days at AO Arena in Manchester.  Listen to this- she rented out the entire arena for several days in order to rehearse and PERFECT her show.  Maybe she’s acutely aware of how successful Taylor Swift and Beyonce’s concert tours have been, and she feels competitive pressure . Her last tour was devastated by her own injuries and Covid. All we know is she doesn’t look as confident as she usually does – but she might surprise us…

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA





5 thoughts on “HEY – WHAT’S UP WITH MADONNA?

  1. Madonna’s gonna be epic. She doesn’t do half azz, she goes all in

  2. She’s still the BEST! She wants to make everything perfect for her fans. She misses me I’ve heard and I miss her too. I’m sure she has butterflies right now, but you can bet she will OWN that stage when she’s on it. XXX

  3. The old gal had a facelift again. Aging gracefully? Nope. The show must go on!

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