We LOVE Jay-Z for not forgetting what Chris Brown did to Rihanna and refusing to clap for Chris’s dancing performance on the VMA’s. Granted, Chris IS an amazing dancer and his number was spectacular, but Jay-Z discovered Rihanna and is very close to her. Despite his talent, Chris continues to reveal his flawed personality and ignorant attitude toward gays and women. He has never convinced anyone that he truly regretted beating up Rihanna and flaunts his arrogance. We applaud Jay-Z’s loyalty to Rihanna.

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  1. This made me like Jay-Z even more! Chris Brown needs to work on his lip synching, he was way off.

  2. I’ve seen a vid of Jay slapping a woman backstage himself…hypocrisy much

  3. “Jay-Z discovered Rihanna and is very close to her”. One could argue that the two enjoy a “pimp-prostitute” relationship. Beyonce maybe pregnant but it is well known that Jay-Z gets most of his action from his young ‘protege’. Plus a healthy cut of her salary.

  4. Hey Nance, I don’t think Brown was trying to fool anyone with the singing. It was all about the dance performance.

    This guy did mess up pretty bad when he beat up Rihanna but I do think he is remorseful for it. He says he has stopped using drugs since his arrest and did his community service. I am sure that he has made things right with Rihanna as they do communicate via Facebook & Twitter.

    How can a person move on when people won’t let them by taunting and reminding them of the terrible mistakes they have made in the past?

  5. Given Jay-Z’s body language, he looks more annoyed having Kanye next to him.

  6. they are ALL ginormus D Bags with no respect for women

    chris brown is NOTHING…less than nothing….

    and who gives a rats ass beyonce is PG??
    that’s gonna be some ugly mug on that kid with whats his face for a father….
    f ’em all….

  7. We clap when we like a performance no matter what people have done in their private lives and Chris Brown is an amazing artist. He deserves to be appreciated for his art. I agree with Muffin. We need to let it go by now.

  8. Old Jay needs to have a talk with his girl Rihanna. After someone beat the hell out of me, I damn sure would never speak or see that person again. Maybe she likes it.

  9. Amber that’s because you ARE Muffin and most likely the same ignorant person who wants everyone to forget what Michael Vick did to dogs. Chris Brown BETTER not “forget” what he did to Rihanna and if you notice he STILL has public meltdowns where his juvenile temper flares. Just because he can do a few dance steps does NOT make him immune to acting appropriately. Kanye is another loser.

  10. I don’t like JayZ’s “music”, but good for him that he is loyal to Rihianna. Chris Brown proved what a loser he is; he has acted up since all that happened, so he’s not sorry at all, only sorry he got caught. I wish somebody would send Kanye West to a remote village in darkest Africa. He’s a no-talent, in-love-with-himself clown who has no idea what a joke he really is.

  11. “Moving on” is not a fair expectation. He needs to “own it”. Forgiving and forgetting are not the same thing. Anybody who blames Rihanna for continuing contact does not understand the complexities of abuse.

    I can’t stand Jay-Z’s ego, but I feel that he was not rude; he did not react, he could have made ugly faces and gestures.

    I hate to admit it, but Brown was entertaining (a little lacking in substance maybe)…a lot better than that weird Kanye/Jay-Z thing – what the hell was that?!

    Here’s how I see it: no one has to forgive Chris Brown until they are ready and we never have to forget. We don’t owe him anything. Tell him that, will ya? When he stops EXPECTING us to let it go, I will probably be more ready to accept his mea culpa.

  12. By Beyonce,

    I only post under Muffin, nobody else!! As I have not seen you on this site before or at least not for a long time, what other aliases do you go under? I post my OWN, honest opinions on here and am not hiding from anybody. If you don’t agree with my opinions, then move on to the next one.

    And yeah, everyone deserves a second chance, because last time I checked, nobody is perfect!!

  13. Abuse is not a mistake; it is a deep-seated behaviour that takes as much time and care to overcome as drug addiction.

    NOT “Oops, I’m sorry…won’t do it again”. Anyone giving Chris Brown this idea is enabling him and not doing him any real favour since abusers are not happy people, living fulfilled lives.

  14. UM Riiiight “Muffin” (wink wink) Amber…. Sure SOME people deserve a second chance BUT like that douche bag Kanye your “heroes” have this CHRONIC tendency to throw public temper tantrums etc… Chris Brown has learned nothing in case you have been under a rock. Oh and MOST people don’t have violent records of beating up women so Chris’ 15 of domestic abuse fame is STILL what he’s known best for. I wouldn’t want my daughters dating that ahole and I don’t care how much jazz hands and dance that idiot can hoof…

  15. Indy

    I hope Beyonce’s child looks like Lenny Kravitz!!! LOL!!!! (only kidding…!!!)

  16. By Beyonce,

    Umm, maybe you should start up your own private hit man squad and take out all the people in he world that Fuck Up!! You are trying to make it sound like I uam saying what Chris Brown did to Rihanna was okay. It was not OKAY, not at all. It was disgusting and I think he knows that now as well. He could have denied doing it and showed no remorse, he didn’t, he faced the music like a man. If he does it again to anyone else, then yeah he deserves to be beat down, beat down I say!! Sounds like you are the one that needs to come down from your BIG self- righteous mountain of
    bullshit and wake up!!

  17. Kanye is a publicity hound but has done some very nice collaborations. Most of his alone productions are stupid. JZ, dont like his music. Hollywood does not care if some one is abusive (Chris Brown) or a pedophile (Woody Allen). They act like talent fogives all. I don’t think talent forgives all and many more in USA don’t.

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