dick-coke.jpgWe certainly can’t pass up a photo of a celebrity snorting cocaine – they don’t come along often enough. Andy Dick was snapped April 24 at Snitch nightclub in New York openly indulging, and seemed oblivious to the camera and to the people watching him. He was described to The Enquirer as “a mess” and “acting like a madman” – so what else is new?


  1. Andy Dick is a tweaker!
    Stop the world I wanna get off.
    No really – this is no big whoop like saying LiLo is an underage druggie.

    ANDY’s DICK (sic) has ALWAYS luved his party favors!! I’d love do toot with him ANYTIME!!!

  3. cocaine? that is so old..there are so many newer drugs that make u feel good..at least he could b original..but then it is andy dick..

  4. really, badgirl in the deep south –
    what are these new drugs? meth?

  5. its not new that all these celebutards are tweakers….what is new is that they are having their pictures taken of them doing this crap.

  6. The Enquirer probably photoshopped this picture.

  7. You know what’s really sad is nobody is saying anything to this guy about his behavior.
    It’s like, lets watch this guy crash and burn.

  8. This is a bit off-topic, but isn’t he a bit too old to be scoffing down drugs at nightclubs? I don’t know why it bugs me, but how old is too old for hard drugs?

  9. Name drop alert
    On the two occasions that I met Andy Dick he was with George Clooney. They are apparently tight. So that means..

  10. Hoppers needs to get Andy Dick into the independent movie business.
    I’ll bet they could contrive up a great story about the sub drug culture in Hollywood.
    How women will do just about anything for drugs.

  11. I can’t tell what he’s doing by looking at this picture. It looks like he’s holding something, or being handed something, but there’s nothing remotely near his nose. If he is an addict, I hope he gets help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. not just women,an addict,man or woman,will do anything for drugs

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