Uma Thurman says her role in MY Super Ex-Girlfriend isn’t that different from her real life. She admits to being a “neurotic New Yorker” like her movie character but there’s more to it than that! Uma can’t seem to break up with her ex-boyfriend Andre Balazs. Last March she announced her romance with the handsome hotelier (the Mercer Hotel Chateau Marmont etc) was OVER. Friends weren’t surprised – “Andre isn’t the faithful type and he had all kinds of opportunities to cheat. He’s not the marrying kind.” Yet Uma continued to take vacations with Andre and quietly date him. Why? Uma admitted it’s hard for a famous woman to get a date at all. What’s more, a friend of the couple says “Andre is very seductive, he’s super smart, gorgeous, successful, and knows everybody in New York. Where is she going to do better?” So apparently, Uma is settling for a very hot guy unsuitable for marriage. Most neurotic New York girls WOULD!


  1. No doubt the guy is a catch. But Uma already left a marriage where there was infidelity. Maybe she’s trying to reel her heart in and just accept this guy on his own terms.
    I hate cheats, but a lot of women accept it as part of the package.

  2. She’s had 2 kids and she looks fantastic!!
    I hope she finds someone who is kind, faithful, and honest. She deserves the best!
    (Keep up the good work, Janet! Great website!)

  3. Why do good looking women think they’ll be happy with ugly rich men. He’s yuk in the looks, buy a vibrator, Uma.

  4. That guy is gorgeous. And so is Uma. Too bad the pretty couples rarely stay together.

  5. I love Uma. She is beautiful and a great actress to boot. Uma honey, you need to get the boobies lifted. Yeah, I know that pregnancy and breastfeeding wreaks havoc on the body, but you have the $$ to remedy it. You go girl!

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