What’s wrong with this picture? Just about everything. Is Heather Locklear having a schizophrenic lapse in taste? She can’t decide if it’s winter or summer. It’s a warm day in Beverly Hills so Heather wore an 80’s retro print halter dress- which she accessorizes with a LONG WOOL SCARF and zebra print bag! (We’re not even going to mention the fact that she seems to have added a few inches to her bustline.) The one redeeming feature, as always, is her cute smile.


  1. Is poor Heather really hooked on Vicodin? I hope not! If so, it is very sad, she’s a very good tv actress, very funny on the many shows she’s done. Really a shame. I hope she can get help and make a comeback. Denise really screwed her over, but what else do you expect from a bimbo like that. She has a bad boob job and a trout pout from hell. Probably cadaver skin. Ritche Sambora looks like a fat Italian housewife from New Jersey. They deserve one another.

  2. Once again, this is not news or gossip when you describe what somebody is wearing. So what!

  3. She’s had a very well done boob job for a long time. Check your sources.

  4. Maybe she’s trying to hide the post-Thanksgiving turkey neck??

  5. In LA wearing scarfs is a fashion trend. I think she looks adorable.

  6. Denise has a terrible boob job-Heather’s is much more subtle.

  7. yikes heather. what is up with that? maybe she’s just trying to see if denise will copy her outfit. lmao

  8. Denise Richards looks 1000% better than puffy-faced Heather. Guess that vicodin will do that to ya.

  9. Denise Richards is a back-stabbing, golddigging whore, but I guess if she looks “1000 PERCENT” better then that’s all that matters. People are so shallow!

  10. This is Heather’s 2nd tit job she had the first about 15 years ago.
    Also, she’s finally gained weight being pre-menopausal will do that!

  11. Um, anon 11:36, Denise did not ”stab” Heather in the back, they HADN’T EVEN SPOKEN FOR AGES before Denise got together with Richie. Their FRIENDSHIP WAS ALREADY WELL AND TRULY OVER.
    How is she a gold=digger as well? She protected her chidren that’s all. Anything else is Charlie tying to discredit her and obviously some eople fall for his LIES.
    Disguting. Poor poor Denise.
    You cant seriously look at Heather in this picture and tell me she is in her right mind? She’s clearly completely lost it, and she did it all to herself. Nothing to do with Denise. Heather wrecked her own life.

  12. Oh, please 9:35 there are some lines you just don’t cross. Regardless of when their friendship may have ended, you just don’t get it on with your friend’s estranged husband. She showed exactly no class by crossing that line. Heather may have her problems with Vicodin or whatever, but she was a true friend to Denise during her break up with Charlie and didn’t turn around and start fucking him clamiming the friendship had dissolved. She’s never even addressed the situation publicly as Denise has, claming her innocence in any wrong doing. It stinks and you know it.

  13. Anon 11:30, can I ask a question, how do you KNOw that Heather was ‘such a good friend” to Denise during her break0up with charlie? They were close but you do NOT know how that friendship ended so making judgements is premature. Something ended that friendship BEFORE she got together with Richie so please tell me how suddenly Heather becomes this really hard-done by individual? I have NO sympathy whatsoever and continue to dslike how Heather has behaved (and David Spade).
    I still believe Heather is at the root of all of this and Richie and Denise are not telling the whole truth. Looking at her here, alarm bells continue to rng for me.
    Something haunts me about this situation because Denise didn’t and still doesn’t deserve what has happened to her. IF she did deserve it (and that’s a big if), then surely she’s already got what she deserved with the backlash.
    Heather got away with a lot here and the public don’t seem to realise that. Theres no doubt about her and David, and she’s continued to lie about aht too. Sckening IMO. Hence I can’t help but be TEAM DENISE. *Boy I know I’m in the minority already, please don’t hate me for having an opinion of my own*

  14. It’s just not right to take up with even a former friend’s ex. Totally inappropriate and off limits. Stop trying to insinuate that Heather is wrong. Perhaps she and Spade have Vicodin in common, but she has never run to he press like a tattling child as Richar’s hasa. Denise couldn’t even wait for her own divorce to be finalized or Heather’s either. She is famous for running to the press crying poor me. Charlie Sheen is not a perfect person, but she made a personal matter public that her kids may see in print for years to come about their father. No class!!!

  15. Not inappropriate in this case, as far as I’m concerned. Denise and Richie were both out of their marriages, and for Heather to act like she was so bothered when she was already dating David is just ridiculous, crying wolf over something she had no right to over.
    She left Richie and was ALREADY dating David. Denise was out of her marriage so as far as I’m concerned its just Heather’s tough luck.
    Say what you want, but Heather has to be the biggest hypocrite going. If she was so concerned about her marriage, why sleep with her ex husband and start dating someone else MONTHS beforehand? All of this is to cover up HER indiscretions and she has got away with it. Truth is, she couldnt care less about Richie and denise and she has done this to protect herself. It is disgusting.

  16. It is NEVER in good taste to go out with any friend or ex-friend’s ex. Even if they are no longer friends, they were at one point, that point can not be disputed. It is a shitty thing to do and Richie should know better as well. He’s no friend to Charlie by running around with his former wife. How can he look his daughter in the eyes now that he hooked up with Aunt Denise. She will figure it out when she is older and see what a fool her Dad is and how he was taken in by a total bimbo. Come on, nobody with any conscious would ever cross that line. What is this crap about Heather and Tommy? You are really reaching for straws here. Denise is a grade A bimbo who tattles to anyone who will listen. Heather and Charlie and even Richie haven’t purged to the press the way Denise has. They took the high road and said no comment. She is last week’s trash. Who can forget her most recent temper tantrum when she tossed the laptop and injured an elderly person. She is a petulant little bitch. Done!

  17. Absolutely not 4:51. I love how if Heather was so ”in the right” about the situation you feel the need to slam MY opinion down.
    Heather walked away from that marriage and THEN starts whinging to the press. EXCUSE ME but SHE filed for divorce so as far as I’m concerned that’s enough to say that SHE wanted out. To then act all ”hurt” and ‘hard done by” JUST DOESN’T WASH WITH ME
    Why would Richie really care about Charlie? He doesn’t.
    Why do you feel the need to constantly question my opinion? I am amazed.

  18. …just to add, to have done all that while she was going home to her ‘girlfriend” David spade just makes it even worse IMO.

  19. Okay Denise,
    Get more medication and stop posting. Don’t you have two children?

  20. Heather has never even commented on the whole thing. The only thing said was by Spade when he made the knife in the back comment. Please link any comment made publicly by Heather, because I have seen nothing. How can you defend Denise so vehemently? She’s been all over the press with her unfounded accusations that her children will one day see about their father. She chose to air dirty personal laundry in the public forum. She splits town with Sambora. Where are her kids she is so concerned about? At least Heather and Spade don’t ditch the kid. Denise obviously has anger issues if she thew those laptops and hit an elderly person. She has no regard for her actions or how they impact others. It’s always oh poor me. She’s a sad chick who needs constant attention. Let Denise see how happy she is with Richie living in New Jersey.

  21. BULL!!!!!
    the whole lot of you have fallen for Heather’s crap
    YUCK, I hate this woman so much
    Just leave Denise ALONE for goodness sake. If Heather hadn’t cheated on Richie and then stamped all over Heather NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED

  22. Denise,
    You are so jealous of Heather and her class and long standing career. You even had to steal her ex because you are so envious. You have no talent except for the bags of silicone in your chest and fake lips. You will forever be remembered as the husband stealing harlot who aired her dirty laundry to the press, asked for 100K a month spousal support and went after Charlie Sheen’s pension. You are motivated by cash and will chase any famous slob to get it. It’s only a matter of time before Richie dumps you for some younger groupie. You are, after all, pushing 40 now. Have fun living in New jersey with Bon Jovi. Shame on you, Denise Richards.

  23. Firstly, just because I DARE to think differently to you anon 1:40 does NOT make me Denise. I would NOT have put myself in Denises position but that does NOT mean I can’t understand it or feel bad for her and her situation. I am on HER side.
    Oh, and shame on you Heather Locklear.
    Having fun in Honolulu with David are we? So engrossed in writing messages onto this website, accusing someone who DARES to think differently That’s what I CALL CHILDISH
    *see, 2 can play that game*

  24. oh, and whats ”long-standing” about Heather’s ”career” may I add? she hasnt worked properly in at least 4 years because no one will hire her, and when she does get hired NO ONE WATCHES HER STUPID SHOWS. *Same goes for Denise on that score but Denise has had far more success in more important areas, working with some of the best directors/producers in the busines,, people who would NEVER look twice at Heather even when she was in her prime*
    So she had success with Spelling, Marcia Cross was the real star ofMelrose anyway. Heather only has Return of the Swamp Thing to her name….if that’s what you consider a ”long-standing” career then what about Julia Roberts? Goldie Hawn?
    Heather is, was and always will be nthing. As far as I’m concerned, she DESTROYED the one good thing she had going for her and that was her marriag to Richie. poor guy.

  25. Heather has been on several successful television series over the years. I never said she was a movie star. I guess I forgot about Denise’s pivotal peformance in Undercover Brother. Didn’t she win an Oscar for that role? I guess I didn’t see the films she did with Scorsese and DeNiro. Who are you kidding? Dennise is a hack.
    In a few years, she will be a fat housewife from New Jersey and Richie will dump her for a younger girl from Europe, since that’s the only place Bon Jovi still has fans, who isn’t a manipulator and a gold digger. Why does she need 100 thousand dollars a month spousal support from Charlie and his pension if she has such a successful career? She just wants MONEY!

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