Christmas Greetings to all!

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  1. next to regis and larry king i loathe maury the most
    i wish he would spontaneously combust
    his show is useless beyond annoying and embarrassing talk about stereotypical portrayal of blacks?? o wait
    it isn’t?? fuck.
    what is With the dramatic thing of all of them screaming yelling then throwing themselves on the floor like they are having a seizure rolling around on the floor when the asshole IS or IS NOT their 49th babies father??
    i hope all 3 drop freakin dead on xmas day
    o wait
    there is still re runs.

  2. Very telling that pussy crazed jewish Maury wed slant eyed Connie Chung when her career was on the downhill slope and his was on the ascent.

    Merry Christmas to all….especially Morgan Freeman and his step-grandaughter wife!

  3. Sad and ashamed of you janet.. I hope you get some class and sensitivity for christmas, k?

  4. Merry Christmas all! I’m sorry, but I laughed at the Maury photo LOL

  5. @Janet Charlton’s Hollywood,
    and to all of
    The Fellow Co-writers,
    2010 has been an interesting and favorable year.
    We all got the chance to express our comments,
    and opinions,for all to hear.
    The word Christ in Christmas is a blessing for everyday.
    As we live and learn in our own special way.

    Whatever your voice,
    Whatever your choice,
    May the Joys of the season be a start.
    With blessings of Goodness straight from the heart.
    Comments written, and voices heard,
    Reading opinions and every word.
    On this Christmas Day,with thoughts of cheer.
    All the best to you in the coming New Year.
    Being thankful for all that comes from the heavens.
    Wishing to each one and all,the best in 2011!

  6. P.S.

    Laughter is the best medicine,
    even though I do not watch Maury because of his
    “unbelievable” show, the humor in the card is an element of truth like no other.
    Thanks for sharing!!

  7. Janet, I think I have posted before, that I respect your right to publish whatever you choose. As a liberal and a Christian, with a great sense of humor, I find it odd that you only make light of Christians. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen you post something making light of other religions… Whatever happened to make you so bitter about Christianity, please know that God still loves you.

  8. dee cee,

    remember previous posts where our delicate flower Janet placed an ugly dog as Jesus? Janet may this year bring you what you deserve.

  9. Sebastian, if you are out there and wondering about my wise and correct opinion on this, AND before you ask:

    Elvis is in heaven.

    Maury will not be.

  10. joseph wasn’t the father of jesus. but anyway, HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

    my hubby bought me a new whip, and it is delightful. i will not drive it until later in the week when the snow is gone. lol.

    janet, what’s keanu up to? lol.

  11. Well Janet, maybe next year during the Muslim holiday Ramadan you can do the same thing with Mohammad and see if the muslims laugh it off.

  12. I kind of got laugh out of this post. Guess we should,t jbe so serious all of the time. Sebastian must be somewhere far away from his keyboard. He must be going through withdrawal symptoms right now. Hope everyone posting here had a Great Christmas!!! I know I sure did. Too much Eats & Drinks though, must slow down haha.

  13. pit bull lover: I concur.

    1) Regis Philbin….pompous rich materialistic ass, and very tight with a buck, still flies all over w/ his stupid little floor show. How much $$$ does he need?

    2) Larry King….what can you say except good riddance.

    3) Maury….low life filthy scuz bag.

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