The Ronni Chasen murder mystery is far from over. It’s highly probable that the so-called “suspect” who shot himself had nothing to do with it. Harold Smith, who had lived in the low rent Harvey Apartments, had a history of arrests and incarcerations for burglary, robbery, drugs and firearms. His neighbors agreed he was strange, crazy, paranoid, and most didn’t believe his babblings – even when he supposedly bragged about killing “the publicist.” (The reward prompted someone to report him anyway and cops started tracking his moves.) He did vow that he’d rather die than return to prison. Several burglaries had occurred in the neighborhood and Smith, who had moved out of the building, returned several times to ASK if cops were looking for him. Police confronted him in the lobby and before they could say a word, he shot himself. It’s entirely possible that this mental case thought he was being arrested for the burglaries- and he couldn’t face prison again. What’s more, it’s common knowledge that Harold Smith rode a bicycle. Odds of this crackpot being hired to “off” anybody are slim, indeed. Police are hoping bullets connect the suicide and the murder but we seriously doubt that a delusional man on a bicycle had anything to do with this crime.

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  1. Most of the time when someone screams Anti-Semite it is because they dont like the truth. The truth, or lack of it is part of the problem that probably got Cohen-Chasen planted 6 foot under.

  2. Strom, at this point, I am more annoyed at you for being a geek than for being a racist.

    What does “the truth” have to do with anything when you inject completely unrelated details into a conversation? You are the anti-Semite equivalent of the dorks in high school who would suddenly start talking about Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

    Another Geek aspect to you: you have inserted yourself in a group in which you do not belong, containing people you could not possibly like, and continually force yourself upon us all. Find your own kind where you can share warm stories about Hitler, swap stats about the evil non-whites and Jews, and get together for Nazi circle jerks.

  3. JCH failing channel playing detective didnt work out so well and both Ronni, who wasnt a Chasen, and Rachel were and are examples of extremely greedy Yids who didn’t end up well!

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