The more we read about the death of TV bodybuilder Greg Plitt, the more we think steroids were responsible for his gruesome finish. Police say he was filming action shots running along the train tracks for his motivational website when he was struck by a train. His friends admit that he tried to act like Superman and liked to push things to the limit. “There was nothing he couldn’t do!” He had no permit to be on the tracks and didn’t think he needed one. He was no genius and the drugs made him feel invincible. Just look at Greg’s face and body and it’s apparent he’s pumped up. Steroids stimulate violence and superhuman confidence it’s as simple as that. A tragic and shamefully avoidable loss.

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  1. How dare you tarnish his image with nothing but pure speculation!!! Greg’s physique was the result of hard work and healthy living. If he was jacked up on steroids, he would have had horrible skin and had an out of control temper. He also would have been wrought with injuries, as his ligaments would not have grown as quickly as his muscles. (I would know… I dated someone who was jacked on steroids.) He had none of the telltale signs. You should really do your homework, so you have a clue what you’re talking about before making such an accusation.

  2. I don’t believe it was steroids. It was just a low IQ that doomed this fellow.

  3. your low i.q. has you doomed strom philberto june. yeah, june.
    you do have a vagina.


  4. and you havent worked in 30 years so lay off the Mexicans strom june.

  5. stick to the fundimentals, A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE & MENTAL POWER!!

  6. His death sounds fishy, I dont believe the official version of it, most of the time official versions of events are utter lies

  7. A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE & MENTAL POWER!! that is exactly what greg was all about. this was a tragic accident…he tripped and fell…..

    i do agree he should not have (again) been working there.
    you want to see the real greg go to his facebook page and watch his video about his pit bull Quest.

    it’s also on you tube. i knew i shouldn’t watch it since my pit was killed last june 9 but i did anyway and like anyone who watches it i cried my heart out.

  8. That’s a funny one, Strom.
    Comedic genius.
    No minorities to slam here so hey, why not use that big ole brain to yuk everyone up!

  9. Tragic News! Sorry to hear about what happened to Gregg Plitt, RIP. Gregg was considered an athletic model but not a real competitive bodybuilder by profession, compared to the huge pros in today’s arena. It would be nice if after all this time people would do some research before they open their big stupid mouths about roids. There is no such thing as roid rage, if so pro bodybuilders would be killing each other off in the gym daily. Either people have bad tempers or they don’t, bodybuilders focus the aggression into the weights . Gregg did what he did for the simple reason that he thought in his mind, that he could! It’s a fact, you don’t get a body like that without busting it out hard in the gym, no matter what you take on the planet, just so you uneducated morons know. I would be careful about the so called freedom of speech bull, it can land you with a major lawsuit for defamation of character. Did anybody see a lab screen test report before they opened their mouth in a tirade? Do you have a lab report stating roid abuse, if not, zip it!

    TO THE ONE THAT WROTE; Just look at Greg’s face and body and it’s apparent he’s pumped up. Steroids stimulate violence and superhuman confidence it’s as simple as that.

    Reply; Gregg is in excellent shape and cut up but not bodybuilder pumped up! It’s apparent you talk out of your anus without researching and gathering correct information on the subject matter.

    I’d say you have the IQ of a halfwit imbecile and the finesse of a breech birth and need to hit the books hard on how roids work along with their side effects. Doctor’s and pharmaceutical companies are killing us with poison as seen in commercials but we don’t comment on it do we, what’s up with that?

    I Dare Janet Charlton and this publication to be so bold as to print my reply to this tirade tabloid article, that is, if your for real.

  10. Great personality. He brought much light into the lives of people. RIP Greg

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