Our no-nonsense feminist idol Gloria Steinem just made some pertinent comments in an interview with about Harvey Weinstein, Hugh Hefner etc. Read the entire article HERE.

Meanwhile, this is our favorite Gloria paragraph:
“The fact is we have a president who is a sexual harasser and was clearly [recorded] on tape admitting that; it shows that a third of the country still thinks this is either inevitable or okay, including 51 percent of white women [with college degrees]. I don’t want to overgeneralize, but these are women who are dependent on a man’s income and men’s identities, and they think there’s no choice. They think all men are like this. And their fathers were like this, probably. I think they looked at Hillary and said, ‘How dare she? She’s just a woman like me. How dare she aspire?’”

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  1. A load of crap from a blooming idiot. Hillary Clinton is no friend to womens cuses. And Steinam is a kook.

  2. This is NOT about Harvey but about DJT who talked about the p word while this repugnant goat attacked the p word..

    Really deflecting…why am I NOT surprised.

  3. Trump is gross for saying what he said, but Hillary is a true deplorable, she is an attacker of women.

    Our election wasn’t about electing trump, it was about rejecting a disgusting person who had proven herself to be a liar, she will say anything and unfortunately there was too much evidence of her double one wants her, she needs to lick her wounds and go home.

  4. All of the men I have ever worked for have been versions of Weinstein. They might not all have been sexual predators, but most would have been if they could get away with it. Our country supports male behavior like that.

  5. Hillary has been to pedo island herself a lot of times. Hillary had NO problem trashing the women that Bill Clinton assaulted.

  6. Harvey hired the wrong woman to defend him. He should have utilized HRC’s services..Look how she protected Bill and destroyed the parade of gals Billy coursed through. That’s the ONLY accomplishment Killary did.

    Oh and KAIT above do you like people telling YOU how you feel, think and are going to act…Love the way you think all men are predators IF they could be…

  7. susieserb, that’s not what I said. Men in positions of extreme power are often more likely to go to extremes of negative behavior. Misogyny is rampant in our world, and people have turned a blind eye to it for hundreds of years. So while Weinstein is an extreme example of this, he’s far from the only man who’s behaved as a sexual predator.

  8. Gloria was very silent on the that rapist and serial harasser Bill Clinton when he was in office. Gee, I wonder why?

  9. No mention of the bull dykes harassing the young girls in pro tennis!

  10. Just think, If Hillary would have won the election, her sexual predator husband Bill would have been in the White House again and they would have been getting money for their foundation from countries who abuse women. What’s wrong with this picture?

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