Omigosh! Honey Boo Boo is growing up FAST – with the help of Hollywood beauty experts. She and Mama June and Sugar Bear walked the red carpet at the premier of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. June and Sugar Bear participated on the show with their problematic relationship. Boo Boo is 10 now and she’s already wearing fake eyelashes, make up, and high heels. And her hair was professionally blown out for this event. Mama June still swears that the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo show Will RETURN on another network, but we’ll see it to believe it.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI


  1. When I was 10 I had big feet and had cute little black shoes similar to hers. I did NOT however have false eyelashes (never worn them; never needed ’em). I started wearing mascara at 12 and my mother wasn’t too happy about it. That being said, I was a virgin until 21. This little trick is doomed.

  2. Glamorized is not the rite word in this case, not by far, dear Janet….

  3. The whole family doesn’t need a glamour makeover, they need a dietician. They have so many health problems in the future, and TLC has glamourized eating sticks of butter.

  4. It’s actually a decent photo of the kid. Any time they take extra care of their appearance, I will give them credit.

    The mother is a lying sack of poo that put her love for a molester above the safety of her children.

    Her mother and father aren’t married. They are only together so they can try to be their creepy selves on tv.

    She bought a new house this year and put that same old stinky looking couch in there. You know the couch is full of bad bad odors…..stinky feet, stinky farts and stinky butts.

  5. Bucky M….LOL

    That fat girl will have a rough and strange life. She should model plus sizes for girls her age.

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