Much of the audience invited to an advance screening of the remake of the 1984 movie “Footloose,” had low expectations, to say the least. On the other hand, how bad could it be? It turns out, not bad at all, and lots of fun to boot. The plot is still rather hokey – it’s difficult to imagine a town outlawing dancing, even a religious town in the South. But the characters are fun, and the high school kids are as anxious to have a good time as kids anywhere. (Added bonus: cool guys showing off their dance moves might inspire more high school males to dance.) Miles Teller (above, right) is especially good as the leading man Kenny Wormald’s new best friend, who learns to dance. It’s a sweet upbeat story without vulgarities or unnecessary violence – perfect for a first date. The best part is you walk out happy and grooving to the music.


10 thoughts on “GIVE “FOOTLOOSE” A CHANCE

  1. I’m sure my girls will be running out to see this movie as I ran out to see the original. Julianne Hough is a great dancer so it will definitely be worth the watch!!

  2. I can’t imagine people will pay to see this rubbish. It will end up in cereal boxes along with those dog movies.

  3. wearing pumps can help, boy’s.
    especially in a F*GGOT-ENVIRONMENT as west hollywood.

  4. No…I’ve seen the original and it was great. I won’t see Dirty Dancing either.

  5. Kenny Loggins doesn’t like the new song. He says it’s too heavily sampled. That’s funny considering Loggins biggest song is a complete ripoff of the James Gangs Funk 49.

  6. I liked it allot and love the story line and wanted to jump out of my seat and dance myself and love the way they did the music but really wished Kevin Bacon could be in it some kind of way..It would had been nice to see him in that movie and it would had become a true classic.

  7. The story was well written and done in away that makes it more like today style but it is some what sad but on the other hand really lift you up at times.

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