Tom Brady’s hair has been attracting a lot of attention for more reasons than one. Justin Bieber mocked footballer Tom when he copied his trademark bangs hairstyle. Other observers marvel at how Tom’s hair has changed in the past couple of years. Tom’s lush locks started thinning and it was quite evident when he had very short hair. His wife, model Gisele Bundchen, according to the Enquirer, encouraged him to have hair transplants before his hair loss is obvious. Tom apparently been seen in the office of a transplant specialist. Whatever he did, he seems to have more hair.


  1. Oh dear! Hair loss is to men what cankles are to women — it is the luck of the draw, and there is nothing effective one can do about it.

    Hair transplants and scalp reductions are a stupid move — it is dangerous (your brain is under there!), and there is no way of predicting the hair loss pattern, so it is a losing battle.

    Tom should just bit the bullet, and shave his head when the time comes.

  2. Beyond stupid. I just can’t understand why people can’t accept themselves for who they are. We are NOT made to all look the same, same color skin, or hair, or weight, or height, or eyes. People seem to spend their lives jumping thru flaming hoops to be something other than who they are instead of just relaxing and enjoying the time you have here on the planet. Enjoy the differences I say! I don’t want to live on a planet of clones!
    Black people bleaching themselves, white people turning orange over tanning, colored eye contacts, surgery to lengthen limbs, dying hair, transplanting hair, wigs, weaves,fake breast, chins, cheeks, faces, people starving themselves into skeletons. It’s all so rediculous!

  3. TMZ was always fond of calling Tom by the name of ‘Errand boy’. hilarious

  4. For all of you lamenting the absence of Reta, she has returned.

  5. For those of us here in New England, as long as #12 throws that football for touchdowns, we seriously don’t care what his hair looks like.

  6. Usually the hair a guy loses from his head is directly proportional to the among of hair his gains on his ass. Ah well, it gives Giselle some more to hang on to.

  7. Sebastian, get off the couch and away from your regular Oprah watching routine. If you knew a little about sports or any physical activity that involves wearing a helmet daily during 3 hrs practice you will know majority of football athletes suffer from this.

  8. Meg, if that were true, every football player would have that problem. PLZ. That is certainly not the case.

    So, what is your excuse for your cankles?

  9. Btw, if it is friction alopecia, then getting hair plugs is pretty stupid. He would have to wait until his football career was over. And surely, everyone would be telling him that.

  10. Actually, the “Beiber-do” looks suspiously like a wig to me. Way too thick compared to the photo on the left.

  11. It’s not a wig. When he takes off his helmet, you can tell it’s his hair. I don’t believe he had hair transplants, until this year he has always worn his hair shorn close to his head. It’s just different (for him).

  12. The Bieber cut is just a grown out Caesar, which has been around since the sixties. It has always been popular with men with hairlines that are receding in the front. It is a baby comb-over.

    Would really like to see video of one of these guys on a windy day. When the wind hits just right, they must look like a cookie jar.

  13. Btw, if the hair shown on the left was grown out to the length of that on the right, it would be stringy and gross without a comb forward from quite far back on the head, and a hell of a lot of work and product.

    What a Mensch!

  14. He looks like Joran van der Sloot in the first pic. Egads… I wouldn’t want to look like that creep either!

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