He had a rollicking career that lasted for decades and millions of adoring fans, but was George Michael ever really happy? His life seemed to go downhill starting in 1998 when he was arrested for lewd conduct in that Beverly Hills public restroom. THAT bounced him out of the closet in a hurry. The following years were a blur of arrests, drug and sex scandals . He was involved in half a dozen driving incidents – mostly DUI. (Imagine finding a celebrity asleep behind the wheel of his car on the side of the road? And that happened more than once!) Anxiety and depression seemed to fuel his self -medication. Rehab didn’t work for him and he couldn’t help himself. So sad. His music made everyone else happy.

(Above, George and his last boyfriend, hairdresser Fadi Fawaz, on vacation in Australia in 2012)

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  1. He was a tortured soul.

    And speaking of his soul, where is it now?

    No doubt drugs of some kind were involved.

  2. Love his solo music. What an amazing voice…. So much talent.

    Dispised Wham.

    He overindulged in men, drugs, food. He’s not the first to do that.

    Bless all those that loved him.

  3. He was reckless like so many homosexuals. He was lucky to live as long as he did!

  4. What I’d like to know Beavis is why anyone loves you? You seem like a nasty individual.

  5. Certainly troubled, as pointed out, but also supremely gifted with talent–and, by many accounts, a very, very kind man.

    With the *next* untimely death of an 80s/90s era superstar, people may start giving (a still-kicking) Madonna the serious stink eye.

  6. I bet this is difficult for his former love, Kenny Goss. Wonder if he has made any public comments. They seemed like such a good match at the time.

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