farrah121306_02cut.jpgSure, Farrah Fawcett has been feeling lousy from her cancer treatments, but she says the Enquirer story about her begging “Let Me Die” is all wrong. To prove her point she had Ryan O’Neal take her out to lunch at the very public Cafe Roma in Beverly Hills. She wanted everyone to see that she’s not at death’s door and hoped to have pictures taken. Of course, Ryan still has that TEMPER and in this photo it looks like for the moment he forgot Farrah’s mission and he’s giving the photographer the evil eye and gesturing as if he’s about to stick a fork in him.

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  1. If she is being treated for cancer why hasn’t she lost her hair? Of course, not all cancer treatments make you lose your hair, but so many do . . .

  2. I was at Cafe Roma yesterday and both Ryan and Farrah were very pleasant…and both looked quite well considering all of the health problems they have had and currently are dealing with! Roma is usually a very private spot so the photog must have snuck in and snuck the shot.

  3. Ryan looks very capable of slugging ANY photgrapher…right in the fuckin ear!

  4. If I had have been eating lunch, I would have definitely gouged that photographer. He could have used a zoom lens so he wasn’t right in their faces.

  5. Hope FF makes a complete recovery and Ryan is suffering along with her in this..so I feel for both of them!

  6. See what all these young starlets have to look forward to?? Farrah is STILL hounded by the press and papparazzi 30yrs after coming on the scene,not so fast Paris, I was talkin about starlets that will still be around in 30 yrs. lol

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