You don’t get to see Lisa Marie Presley’s son Benjamin Keough, 22, out and about very often, but despite his turquoise hair, Ben DOES bear a striking resemblance to his grandfather Elvis. The whole family showed up for the premier of The Elvis Experience at the Westgate Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Benjamin is an aspiring musician and his mother isn’t sure it’s a great idea.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. That is a good description of the little imposter….consider that its claim to fame is running around on a Hollywood Gossip site and pretending to be someone else.

    Benji is also an oddball…should be working at McDonald’s!

  2. My claim to fame is trolling a gossip site when not saving the western world from radical Islam while in Afghanistan or dealing with my very busy book signing schedule.
    It is obvious for all to see how important and clever I am.

  3. Poor little Leo….not a word about the thread and so worried about Strom.

    I stand by what I said above about Benji!

  4. I have bad, scary dreams about the Pied Piper.
    And clowns.
    And myselves.

    I put my fingers in my ears, and hum really loud, and the voices just won’t stop.

  5. Hey! Don’t say bad things about dog shit. I pick it up 2x/day.

    But ,that Strom. That’s pig shit. Ever been through Iowa and smelled the pig shit? Beyond belief for the odor. Never marry a pig farmer, no matter how handsome. Never marry a pig farmer’s daughter. She will always go back to visit daddy.

    Now, Strom, he’s the epitome of the definition of pig shit.
    Not married. That’s for sure. No children. That’s for sure.
    Smells like pig shit? That’s for sure!

  6. I hate Svengoolie. I don’t get the jokes. Just get on with the show.
    Anyone else not getting Svengoolie?

  7. Let’s form a Svengoolie Fan Club!

    I need some friends to join with me. Let’s do it.
    Who’s in?

  8. Hey! Everyone! Who’s your favorite Svengoolie ghoul?
    Let’s form a club!
    I’ll be the President!

  9. That’s what they call multiple personalities. More than one opinion about Svengoolie!

  10. I have a fixation on Svengoolie. Did anyone notice?

    Oh, I have a catheter.

    Don’t ask me what it drains.

  11. the Strom imposters at least can be funny …

    the real Strom on the other hand, if there even is such a thing, is a perpetually sour, humourless sub-literate, a drooling xenophobe, afraid of just about everything.

    oh, and he’s likely never been out of the trailer park, except to pick up a new latex friend from the post office or pick up his lithium, Afghanistan, ya sure Strom ..

  12. Poor bitter Shelia…sees humor in multiple stupid imposter posts but anything with intellect leaves her challenged. Don’t worry, Obama likes you just as dependent as you are.

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