Once upon a time, even celebrities served in the armed forces! Probably the most celebrated (besides Clark Gable and Jimmy Stewart) was Elvis Presley. When he got his military haircut it made the front pages! However, Memorial Day is not to be taken lightly – we do appreciate every soldier who helped this country remain free. It’s a good day to watch American Sniper again


  1. canada is boring to these kinds of musicians.

  2. no he didn’t move up north,

    but he did wallow in obesity and prescription drugs, surrounding himself with nodding sycophants, whilst abusing most of the people he worked or had relationships with, all the while, glibly offering to turn on his friends and colleagues, offering them up, to the grotesque moral vacuum of Hoover ( pun intended ) and Nixon for a tin badge.

    Of the thousands of better examples of those who heroically contributed to the defence of the nation, you choose a lovely, but ethically bankrupt example. Good research Janet …

  3. America hasnt been free for ages but u can keep lying to urself….

  4. Poor little imposters….true Canadians most likely, can only nap at heels while waiting for support checks to arrive.

  5. Couzin Strom you give yourself away every time.
    YOU’RE the one on the public dole!

  6. American Sniper is a conservative propaganda piece about a crazy murderer–take your invitation and shove it, Janet.

    P. S. I’m a veteran. You?

  7. There has never been any evidence of him being gay, only lots of evidence that he committed lots of adultery. they say he has a small wick.

  8. There never is or ever will be a good day to watch American Sniper.

  9. Desperately napping at heels waiting for your check to arrive Strom?

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