Newlywed Eddie Van Halen barely resembles the person he was a couple of years ago. The last time we saw him he looked homeless – dirty stringy hair, rotten teeth, nasty clothes, and beat up shoes that flapped because they were so worn the soles detached. It’s amazing what giving up alcohol can do for a person! Eddie married his girlfriend Janie Liszewski last month (no alcohol at the reception) and his 50 pounds thinner exwife Valerie Bertinelli was at the wedding. Both Eddie and Valerie have given up their vices and improved their lives.


  1. What did eddie look like years ago, the crypt keeper? Cause he still looks like death.

  2. Too bad they couldn’t clean up while they were together! I think he still looks like shit in this pic, maybe he’s just an ugly dude.

  3. I think he looks pretty damn good folks.Hey captain

    Idiot,Reta & Right-let’s see what you look like!! Better not, I don’t want to have to replace my computer screen.

  4. Best of luck Eddie!! life is beautiful when you are clean

  5. Wikipedia has a pic of Eddie and his son Wolfgang. He does look better now compared to that pic….Wolfgang looks fat and looks like a girl in the face. Eddie was never that great-looking to begin with.

  6. I agree the son they had is pretty ugly, “Wolfie” they call him. He’s always been fat and has a weird face.

  7. “I agree the son they had is pretty ugly, “Wolfie” they call him. He’s always been fat and has a weird face.”

    That’s because Valerie always fed him when she didn’t feel like dealing with anything herself.

  8. I thought Eddie was such a cutie when he was younger. He’s half Dutch, half Indonesian and has a baby face. I’ve noticed baby face dudes don’t age well, and I’m sure all the alcohol and smoking haven’t helped. He looks healthy now, much better than when he was loaded, but he still needs some help in the wardrobe dept. I don’t think his new wife will help much there since she looks like a mess herself. Oh well, hopefully she is good for him and they are happy together.

  9. I agree, they are fat ugly,but not half as ugly as E, Reta, Captain Weenie & who ever else has an opinion of others that won’t give us the opprotunity to see how truly ugly they are. Actually, you people are beyond ugly in your minds. That’s the ugliest and saddest of all.

  10. I always thought that Valerie and Eddie looked so alike when they first got together that they appeared to be brother and sister!

  11. The new wife is sporting a Balenciaga Part Time in Black with Giant Silver Hardware!! NICE!

  12. This is the first time I’ve seen a picture of wife #2. Is she an artist like Eddie? Even though opposites attract, I’ve heard that people who are alike do better together. I’ve always pictured eddie with a lady who was petite, pretty, and very artistic and creative like him. I hope he creates new music and I don”t care if he tours. He can just create great music at his studio.

  13. All I know is that a friend of mine saw him promoting Kramer guitars at event about 25 years ago. Even at that time he looked like he just rolled out of bed, rumpled clothes, greasy hair and smelled like piss. A fantastic musician but truly one messed up dude.

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