drewcut.jpgGeorge Hamilton might be disgruntled, but we are delighted that Drew Carey was chosen to host The Price is Right. Drew is a fascinating guy. He’s got a well documented penchant for strippers, and he throws around money like Frank Sinatra. No kidding. He’s famous for never leaving less than a $100 tip – even for a cup of coffee. When his Drew Carey series was on the air, his bosses presented him with a new Porsche as a gift. Drew turned around and handed the keys to the new Miata he had recently bought to a production assistant who had no car. He’s THAT generous. And a cool guy.

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  1. dude has very little appeal.
    the final choice is mind boggling, I WON’T be watching.

  2. Drew is nice and very funny – he’s perfect for the job. Better than Rosie too.

  3. Ehhh …Drew’s a hot mess who knows how to hide it, unlike LiLo! Coke, intense S&M B&D dalliances with strippers(hookers), nothing so fasinating about that sort of behavior.
    Bi-polar rageaholic or not Rosie would have been perfect on The Price is Right.

  4. George Hamilton would be perfect.. and you know it.

  5. TV star to game-show host.
    Great step backwards, loser!

  6. I love him – I think he’s hotter than Becks… Who cares if he’s a bit twisted? It’s just a game show on TV, not a long-term relationship with a ring. You don’t like, don’t watch. (if you even watched before) I think he’s perfect for the daytime crowd.

  7. Wrong choice- Bob Barker schmoozed the old and young ladies with the charm of a gentleman. Something George Hamilton would have excelled at on the show- Drew Carey, not so much! I like Drew, but this is a bad choice. Ratings will drop. He will not last.

  8. Yeh I won’t be watching the new Price is Right show … sick of Drew’s fat fugly azz! I agree George Hamilton would have been better than this.

  9. Good for him. He seems like a nice guy and Who’s Line is it Anyway? was a very good show.

  10. Yeah, I won’t be watching. I’m sure he’s a nice guy but he is just so wrong for this. I give him a year until a suitable replacement can be found.

  11. I will watch and give him a chance, but he seems like the wrong choice for that show. P.S. will someone ever write a comprehensive bio on Bob Barker? There is nothing published about him, at least that I can find.

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