If you are fascinated by prefabricated architecture, new concrete surfaces, the latest in solar power, and modern design, don’t miss CA Boom The West Coast Independent Design show. You can learn about ways to improve your home that you never imagined. And you can go on architectural tours. It’s all at Barker Hangar at the Santa Monica airport this weekend March 30 to April 1. Lots of cool people too. (You MIGHT run into one of the Arquettes.) The kickoff party is Friday night 7:30 to 10:30. We can hardly wait.

11 thoughts on “DON'T MISS CA BOOM

  1. The Arquettes?
    Weren’t they an all-girl singing group from the 60s?

  2. i have seen pre-fab homes like this in Sunset magazine…they are pretty neat, a lot are built to be very energy efficient and a lot are “reasonably priced” for california standards. thats not factoring the cost of land, though. i like that solar energy is becoming a bit more mainstream…it makes so much sense. initially there is a big payment to get the system set up, but over the years it saves the homeowner lots of money. in some areas, the gov’t is beginning to subsidize the costs of setting up these units, which is a very smart thing to do…making solar energy more accessible and practical for everybody.

  3. i am going with mickey mouse and donald duck . coco will like that

  4. they were not all girl band in the sixties. you are so w====

  5. margo is out of it thinks she knows everything nice pad how much?

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