Okay, Kathy Griffin made a huge mistake – but this horrible Trump photo was no worse than people get away with on Facebook nearly every day. Comedians often push the envelope way too far and they are admonished- but they’re not punished to such an extent! Nothing bad happened when Kathy insulted Jesus – and she IS in the habit of dishing celebrities. CNN came out with a holier than thou attitude announcing that Kathy was fired from her New Year’s Eve show. Her other endorsement deals followed suit, seeming to ENJOY the publicity. Does the punishment really fit the “crime?” When Kathy apologized immediately, she was criticized for doing it for fear of losing money. Imagine what would happen if she stuck to her guns! Andrew Dice Clay must be laughing his head off.

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  1. no, it’s just a bad joke……….TELL HER.

    but that’s all.

  2. I support the firing just as I would support any business losses Ted Nugent would or could suffer after his attacks on Obama. We can do little with anonymous attacks, we can do more when the perpetrator is revealed and we can do most if it is a celebrity. The fact is that she doubled down on the photograph and defended it until the backlash was overwhelming. The fact that she embraced making such an appalling photograph “to make some noise” is the height of egotism. If you view the video of the making of the photograph, she high-fives the photographer for the excellent shot. I feel the same way about the anti-Obama effigy lynchings and burnings. Wrong is wrong. She learned her lesson at a high professional cost.

  3. We are fighting terrorists who decapitate innocent people and hate the United States and to see Kathy Griffin, an American citizen pull this stunt is DISGRACEFUL. Donald Trump is the President of the United States and to see a photograph of an American citizen (comedian or NOT) holding the head of Donald Trump bloody and decapitated is WRONG on EVERY LEVEL, DISGRACEFUL, and a SAD commentary on Kathy Griffin. I was a fan but she went too far. I agree with the firing. She will think twice before pulling a stunt like this again.

  4. NG
    You said it best
    Like him or not he is our President and we must show respect even when we disagree with his leadership
    Civil disobedience must still have lines drawn that must not be crossed
    I found it quite funny that she made her video apology without any makeup on
    Did she really think that would make it seem more sincere? Haha

  5. Janet once again shows what a dumb leftist coont that she is.

  6. Remember that one time she was funny?

    (Circa 1998 or thereabouts. 🙁 )

  7. I watched her hollow apology. And I watched video of the photo shoot where she says she and the photographer will feel the heat and that he (photographer) should call his father now to apologize in advance.

    She did this for publicity and it backfired. CNN does not want to be associated with someone who does stunts like this for attention.

  8. Neflix will commission a special comedy act showcasing KG injustices regarding this incident, wait and see..give it time for the media to make a buck on all of this..VOMIT

  9. Love her. She apologized Let it go, she is a comedian

  10. Punishment should have been STRONGER. You can’t go around and basically threaten the President, and I hope the Secret Service is grilling her as we speak. Idiots like this make our entire country look weak and I find her despicable. It doesn’t matter if you love or hate Trump, this is just wrong.

  11. she didn’t “threaten” ANYONE much less the fool that is president…..she held up a mask with blood on it. i never heard the fool apologize for all the shit he said about women…and it was filthy. he needs to go. period.

  12. She knew what she was doing when she did the photo shoot! She got it out there and then apologized because she had to, not because she wanted to. No matter who the president is, this is wrong! Our country is fueled enough by hatred and evil. Nothing funny about it. It’s just sickening.

  13. Yes. It is our President and our troops serve under him.

  14. So…now she’s launched her victim tour–abetted by an Allred spawn. Unbelievable.

    This comment (from another site), however, sums up the situation nicely:

    “Poor thing. Between mean old white guys and having no f*cking talent, the deck is really stacked against her.” 😀

  15. She got what she deserved.

    Anderson Cooper needs to be fired next, I’m sick of him pretending to be a real journalist, yet he rolls his eyes like a bItch when discussing our president. A real journalist doesn’t pick a side publicly. I’m no trump fan, but the media is behaving like spoiled brats that thought they were going to help HRC lie her way into our whitehouse, he’s disgusting, the media is disgusting, the whole mess is disgusting. The powers that be, have really ruined this country. They don’t spend money on education because they want to have a stupid public to pander to.

  16. Silver Lining: Griffin’s “show business” unemployability becomes permanent, and she enters the fast-paced, challenging world of Customer Service.

  17. Janet is a frickin hypocrite. She would have gone nuts if this was a conservative comedian with the head of Obama. These mentally insane liberals like Janet and Kathy should be sent off to ISIS so they can wake up to the reality of the world.

  18. Not in good taste, inappropriate, certainly! BUT there’s this thing called Freedom of speech. If you don’t like it, leave the USA and move to Russia.

  19. We do have freedom of speech, she exercised her right, and now she’s paying the price. Everyone from dems to libs are over her particularly stupid brand of self promotion. Now her pocketbook will be a little lighter.

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