Saturday night Rod Stewart had a major birthday party for his daughter Ruby (with Kelly Emberg) and 300 of her closest friends at his home in Beverly Hills. Since Ruby is only 19, Rod didn’t want ANY problems, so he had security guards at the door checking ID’s. Only guests over 21 were given wristbands that permitted them to drink alcoholic beverages. The rest had to settle for Red Bull or soft drinks. During the course of the evening, Rod personally enforced the rules and several times patrolled the festivities in a bathrobe, butting into groups, asking people “How old are you?” and checking their wristbands.

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25 thoughts on “DO YA THINK I'M LEGAL?

  1. Good for Rod, finally someone in HOllywood with morals!

  2. hahahah.
    how embarassing.
    whats w/kim? I always see her out, no one really talks about her…

  3. Hey Janet..good to see your site in action, ya look great btw!

  4. Good for Rod. Kim and Sean seem like messes, maybe he has hopes for his youngest children!

  5. Good going Rod. That’s what a parent is suppose to do.

  6. Dirty ol’ perv.
    He was checking wristbands to see if they were old enough to hit on.
    And by hit on I mean sleep with.

  7. Janet:
    Glad to have you back!
    Where are those gloves? The web site could look better! It needs some sizzle and I know you’re worthy of it!

  8. J,
    Oh please does he think that Kim has never had any alcohol touch her 19 yr old lips.. Oh Rod!!

  9. Good on YOU, ROD! A smart Scot if ever there was one!

  10. Rod may be a rocker, but he is a dad first. I admire his moxie!

  11. Your child is the most important thing in the world and I’m glad Rod is showing her that he’s a dad first.

  12. Rod was getting oral sex from one of the undergae girls that night by the way…

  13. I just found your site.
    Glad to see you back at it again.

  14. Finally a story from Hollywood that we could learn from.

  15. This is utter bullshit. Rod could care less about underage drinking–he’s Scottish and everybody drinks, all the time. He just doesn’t want to get busted for creating an “unruly household” or whatever the legal term is for letting kids drink. You can bet there was ample opportunity for spiking those sodas, not matter what those brats were wearing on their wrists. FAKE, like every other “clean-cut” story coming out of Hollywood.

  16. Rod is savvy he didn’t want any bad press from underage DUI’s or worst, overdoses. Still, he was doing more than Linsley Lohan’s mom does!

  17. Rod is trying to look like a positive role model (for one evening) anyway, but hey if your kid is having a party and you want people to take you seriously, how about getting dressed. Walking around (supposedly supervising, but he was probably checking out all the young fillys, he should be fully clothed.

  18. hahaha, I remember Brit Ecklunds book (True Britt -circa 1980’s) where she described Rod as cheaper than cheap when it comes to spending his money on anyone other than himself (allegedly), so for the sake of argument if that is true, he was probably trying to limit the amount of alcohol he had to pay for. Ahh well, whatever his reason, it all worked out in the wash; his new image is one of responsible dotting gramps…uhh dad.
    Janet, you should do a story on Rod’s oldest daughter in the UK and see how her upbringing/lifestyle compares with her half siblings.

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