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Some things never go out of style – like Paul Newman’s FACE! The WOW Report dug up these photos of the actor when he was only 18 and in the US Navy. He aspired to becoming a pilot but those luscious lue eyes were unfortunately color blind so he ended up as a gunner. We all know what happened when he got out of the service. This glorious actor died in 2008 but the food company he left behind is still pumping hundreds of millions of dollars into his favorite charities.

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  1. One of my favorite actors of all time. Those eyes and smile. Sadly I read that Joanne Woodward has Alzheimer’s.

    Also, and though this may be a strange thought, I don’t ever recall hearing about his funeral or burial. Just that he had died.

  2. A great actor, humanitarian & gentleman. Shame there aren’t too many like him but I’m guessing, if you look hard enough, you’ll find some. PS: A gunner isn’t such a bad job.

  3. yeah, I read on another site about Joanne having Alzheimer’s and telling tails about all of Paul’s affairs and drinking binges. She is letting all the family secrets out.

  4. I don’t think all the drinking and affairs were that big a secret.

  5. I read somewhere that he was cremated. Don’t recall anything about a service.

  6. Paul Newman was the first crush I ever had on a White man..I am Black but looked at this man in his career and thought what a fine ass man..Looking Beautiful and strong and from that day forward always loved men that looked like him and loved him until the day he died…But he was here on this earth before ..I was born but loved what I saw in him as an actor and pure good looking and handsome attractive and cute man..Yummy his wife and lucky lady who was able to claim and share his there lives together and always knew he was all american and special and kind and loving towards the world and love the fact that his heart was big and his niceness torch the world on so many levels.

  7. It was publicized over the years of the many affairs he had. It was supposedly a secret, yet it was not a secret. JoAnn does have Alzheimer’s and never had an affair and loved him to pieces. Another story in the never-ending saga of GollyWeird.

  8. Once a cheater, always a cheater. Newman was a married man when he began his affair with Joanne, so, she should’ve known that he was capable of doing it again. Of course, I’m sure women literally threw themselves all over Newman. Re: his drinking, I remember reading once that he would have a minimum of two six-packs a day. If that’s not an alcoholic, what is? Janet, would love your take on this… 🙂

  9. He was a total class act. Talent galore, looks beyond belief and a huge heart. Others should follow his lead and donate like he did(and his foundation still does).

  10. To be perfectly honest the pictures of the 18yr old Paul aren’t really that much different to the faces of hundreds of young service men then and now, it’s fascinating to contemplate how somewhere along the way the twists of fate, good luck and destiny turned this boy into ‘Paul Newman Superstar’ while others like him just moved onto normal average lives.

  11. Dame Em, I agree with you, but still, I’d have done him! Several times in a row, as many as I could before he keeled over in exhaustion. Them I’d wait for him to wake up and knaw on him some…and…well…you get the idea..never let a good man go to waste!

  12. @Reta

    Amazing. That’s the same thing Strom said. LOL!!!

  13. We can ALWAYS depend on Walt to tell us more than we want to know about his boring life or get in a passive aggressive comment on someone like the good hypocrite bible thumper he is.

    Newman appeared to be a very good person with all his charity work. The rumour was he had a New York Marriage with Woodward. Has she told any of those stories?

  14. @Suzie Q,

    What on earth are you referring to?

    I love God and I am not ashamed for others to know. I’ve never forced religion on anyone. If you don’t like my posts, don’t read them. I’m in my 80’s and I have had a wonderful, fulfilling life thanks to God and my wonderful family. I am grateful for everyday that I am alive and part of this incredible world. I hope you have a wonderful life and good health and lots of love now and always.

    God bless you and have a safe and wonderful Labor Day weekend.

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