It’s certainly starting to look like Jon Gosselin’s “apartment destruction” was performed by Jon himself. Why would his exgirlfriend Hailey Glassman (the only other person who had a key) wreck the place, and then leave a signed note? Jon and Hailey had shared the place until she accused him of taking her money and not paying the rent. It looks like Hailey entered the apartment and took back what belonged to her – including a TV and DVD player. She admits she left a note, but NOT with a knife sticking through it. Maybe Jon was jealous about Charlie Sheen and Tiger Woods stealing his publicity thunder and he tore up his own stuff (hopefully including the Ed Hardy collection) to get attention AND revenge against Hailey. Why else would he call TMZ BEFORE he called the cops?

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  1. Of course he did it. He has become a desperate chubby unemployed mental case.


    he lives in the united states?

  3. This tool refuses to get a real job like the rest of us then he whiones he can’t work in Hollywood b/c of TLC.

    His “lawyer” said a one hundred year old Ming vase he had was smashed to pieces. Considering the Ming Dynasty ended around the late 1600s, I’d like to see this vase. What a douchenozzle.

  4. Both of them put money and fame above their children. Can’t stand either of them, but at least she’s with the kids while he’s running around with every skeezit he can find.

  5. He really makes the vomit rise in my throat. What a total asswipe he is. I wish he’d choke to death on a ham sandwich!

  6. No doubt in my mind whatsoever that he did it himself for the publicity and (since he’s broke) the insurance payoff. And of course, while he was at it, he thought he could get in a good dig at the ex-girlfriend.
    But RE: the ridiculous story that he was in possession of a “100 years-old Ming vase, handed down through his family…”

    Yeah, right. Pull my other leg… it plays ‘Jingle Bells’.

    Apart from the most obvious reason it’s a bald-faced lie; that being the fact that the Ming dynasty ended over 500 years ago, there are other obvious clues it’s utter BS– first of all, Jon’s not even CHINESE! He’s Korean, and only 1/2 that.

    Second, a Ming vase would be PRICELESS in any condition. Jon came was raised in an upper-middle class family– comfortable, but nowhere near the level of affluence where they would have owned priceless artifacts.

    Third, Jon and Kate were really hurting financially when the series began– how could it be that this priceless “family heirloom” was never shown, discussed or even hinted at by someone as money-hungry as Kate Gosselin on their reality show?

    Jon’s lies are so utterly over-the-top, I don’t understand why the authorities are even giving him the time of day. I hope they at least charge him with filing a false police report and that he’s made to repay every DIME it cost the NYPD to follow up on this joke of a case.

  7. He should have let TMZ go w/ their Kate Plus 8 show… collect his money to appear infrequently on that show, and be done w/ it.
    Now, who will employ him at the salary he needs to make monthly child support payments?
    I’m hardly a fan of Kate, though — the only sure thing w/ this family is that each and every Gosselin kid will end up on a shrink’s couch.

  8. Jon you ignorant slut. I know you’re reading this. Take some PR advice: Take a break from lame publicity stunts. Date, or hire, an intelligent Asian lady, your next fauxmance has to be less obvious.

    Spend as much time as possible in the company of your EIGHT children.

    Stop smoking so much weed.

    Drink at home.

    Be seen going to church temple etc. for several months of Sundays.

    Wear normal button down dress shirts.

    Get a damn job you lazy bish!!!!!

  9. He ruined his life and now who will employ him. He is obviously depressed and he knows he is the cause of his own demise. He does have a gun and has been target practicing. Maybe he has some ideas in mind.

    Kate, stay away from this a**clown and keep your kids safe.

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