Debra Opri filed legal papers this week to compel arbitration between her and her former client Larry Birkhead. (She says he owes her money – he claims she is withholding HIS money.) Naturally she spelled out every personal detail she knew about her client that could possibly embarrass him. We guess by revealing all these things in a legal document she doesn’t feel responsible for lawyer-client confidentiality. Opri claims Larry earned two million dollars selling baby photos to a photo agency and not only refused to pay her, but refused to pay his lawyers in the Bahamas. She says she had to prepare Larry’s one bedroom apartment in Burbank so it would pass inspection by social workers before he was given custody of Dannielynn. Opri says the place was filthy and “unfit for an adult, much less a child.” She had people clean it up, buy towels and sheets and childproof the place. Most interesting was the fact that Opri says a mystery roommate named “Byron” was living at Larry’s place. When Opri told Larry this Byron would have to pass a background check and be fingerprinted before going near the baby, Larry moved him out and would never mention him again. Opri accused Larry of conniving with Howard K Stern behind her back and described him as having “mood swings.” She said Larry used to surf the internet for stories about himself and if they were unflattering, he’d call Howard for advice on what to do. It adds up to around forty eight pages of personal insults and it’s shaping up to be an entertaining legal battle.

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  1. I sincerely hope this biyoch lawyer OPRI GOES DOWN! Hard core, flat on her face.
    The public likes Larry. So what if he’s gay? Larry will be an excellent father, time will prove this.
    As for OPRI putting confindential information about a former client out in public, espcially calling him gay, (who cares) she is trying hard to get famous, and is not going to win.
    I hope a judge calls her out publicly.
    Howard was an enabler to Anna, but he’s still a good guy, and will be apart of the baby’s life, thanks to Larry’s genuine intrest in baby’s well being.

  2. It was clear to me from the beginning of the whole Anna Nicole mess that Ms. Opri was an shameless publicity hog and out for herself. Several of the interviews she gave were grandstanding and self serving and she was clearly hurting Mr. Birkhead in the publicity department.
    Being gay does not mean that Birkhead could not be a good parent to his own daughter. The fact that Opri intimates that is an indication of her character.

  3. I think we’re done with the Anna Nicole Smith saga.

  4. WTF cares about these two people? They deserve each other. I’ll check in with the kid in fifteen years.

  5. All of them – Larry, Howard her dumb ass are shady as hell. Did she really think he’d give a damn about her if he was getting advice from Howard K and making everyone think he didnt speak to Howard. they are all con artist. Karma is a bitch.

  6. This makes Opri sound more pathetic and desperate. Shame on her.

  7. Hopefully, Larry will be too busy paying his outstanding debts and changing diapers to worry about getting laid by either a man OR a woman.

  8. The “gay” stuff aint news–tabs ran an article months ago; a former fling says Larry is BI (know the difference, kids?) Of course Anna Nicole herself was widely reported to be bi. Larry is hot stuff and will be a great dad to Danielynn!

  9. Does she honestly think this is going to have a positive effect on her legal career? Who would hire here now? She has crossed the line ethically, and quite possibly, legally.

  10. Who wouldn’t have mood swings dealing with a crook lawyer like Opri. She seems like a real nightmare.
    She is exposed again for what she is: unethical dirty crook lawyer publicity hound scam artist. Who is gonna hire her?

  11. Hmmmm a single guy that is a slob, I’m shocked. I think it is highly unethical for her to leak the contents of her legal documents.

  12. She wants us to believe he is gay…AND he had a filthy apartment?

  13. Is anyone surprised that this bitch reacted the way she did? Unlike Larry, this bitch is regulated by the lawyer’s code of ethics (yes that’s an oxymoron but it’s real) and I have a sneaking suspicion she’s going down (and not on her husband)!

  14. Why would “Byron” have to be fingerprinted and have a background check run before he could be around the baby? If Larry is the legal father he can have whoever he wants around her, right?

  15. Opri just filed her petition for arbitration. It’s the media weasel who leaks this stuff. Opri was a hired gun, Larry got his kid. Pay your bill!

  16. Watching “D0” grab the limelight was almost as bad as her ridiculous bill. “DOPEY” broke the lawyer/client confidentiality act now that she is slandering Larry. I certainly would not hire her.

  17. Danielynn is already having attention deficit problems. She can’t sit still for a second and won’t focus for the paparazzi!

  18. Casonia...Hells kitchen Paul is nice and can really cook and so can Will but Tommy needs to speak up in order to Win and Elisa is going to drive those men crazy with her company...She is mean and disliked and hope and pray she is next on the chopping bloc says:

    Everything cost and you simply do the best with what you have and in Hollywood there is always dirt to dig for and trama and drama and bad stories about the person personal life and we don’t really know the whole story!

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