Who knew Wanda Sykes was such a party girl? The caustic Curb Your Enthusiasm actress turned up on Fire Island to celebrate Labor Day weekend with a gaggle of young pretty girls. As she disembarked the ferry, Wanda, clad in a white muscle shirt and khakis, hefted a case of wine to her shoulder and led the six twentysomething girls to the six bedroom house in Cherry Grove that she rented for the weekend. Music and loud laughter and squeals emanated from “party central” around the clock. The only hitch in the weekend occurred one night at The Ice Palace when Wanda and her gals caused a commotion. After a number of cocktails, feisty Wanda started yelling at several of her girls – accusing them of flirting and carrying on. The girls screamed back and many profanities were exchanged as Wanda got more and more wound up. Finally, her galpals managed to drag obstreperous Wanda out of the club.

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24 thoughts on “CURB HER ENTHUSIASM

  1. Why doesn’t she come out already? Everyone knows she’s a carpet-muncher. She talks about drinking a lot in her routines, she’s an angry drunk, it sounds like. Albeit, a funny one, I love her standup. She’s the best around right now.

  2. I always thought she seemed a little too angry to be happy being in a relationship with a man.

  3. What are you saying?
    Sykes is a dyke?
    hey that rhymes!
    I was schooled a long time ago by an expert on queerdom, that most comedians, male and female are gay.
    Ps. Sykes looks better now that she’s lost a few pounds.

  4. Wow, I had no idea! But then again I was in the dark too about Neil Patrick Harris. Man, who’s next?

  5. Doogie’s gay? really though, other than fodder here..who cares…does it make them less or more funny, artistic…as long as no one hurts children and small animals (large farm animals are on their own)..who gives a flying fig who diddles who…

  6. Janet this was picked-up on DataLounge, the gay gossip site, by the lesbians, no doubt.

  7. Well this wasn’t the story I was expecting to see..and no Janet did not “out her”. I think her actions speak for themselves!

  8. “Janet this was picked-up on DataLounge, the gay gossip site, by the lesbians, no doubt.”
    Or by Janet or a Janet minion. Though some deny it, many gossip bloggers (like Perez) link to their own stuff all the time on Data Lounge.

  9. Gratuitous use of the word “obstreperous”! Mischa Barton’s fans have no idea what that means, Janet!

  10. Oh come on, the next thing out of your mouth is that Queen Latifah and Missy Elliot are dykes too! That ain’t so.

  11. Are you being sarcastic, 4:42? Of course, the marginally-talented, cowardly Dana Owens a/k/a “Queen LaStinkah” is hiding in the closet as is that overly praised non-musical Sissy Elliot. Afro-American’s are notoriously fucked-up about homosexuality. It’s all that Christian shit their parents and they believe.

  12. Queen Latifah is kicking it with her personal trainer Janette for years. And everybody knows Missy E. and Tweet are together. Hell Tweet had Missy E.’s baby a while back. Word!

  13. Of course Wanda’s gay.
    PLEASE NO “first” bullshit, that’s for Perez Hilton’s fangurls!!

  14. What bugs me about Queen LaStinkah hiding in the closet and refusing to discuss her personal life on talk shows is that in the beginning she was this strong, brave, aggressive black woman rapper and now she’s too chickenshit to come out of the closet and maybe do some good for her sisters! Coward! And greedy, she’s afraid it will affect her millions she’s got in the bank.

  15. I always thought Wanda was GAY and I love it because she is the funniest wo-man around and she turns me on. Nita

  16. Wanda Sykes is hilarious. Queen Latifah is gorgeous. Missy Elliot is talented.
    All three are probably gay. (My gaydar definitely goes off a bit with all three of them)
    However, homosexuality doesn’t subtract from their humor, beauty, or ability. And anyone who thinks it does, can kiss my dyke ass =P

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