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Courtney Love grabs a smoke outside her beachfront home in Malibu. She’s struggling to get DOWN to a pack a day because doctors found she has throat problems. Now that she’s skinny, we wonder how cutting back on smoking will affect her weight. She could always develop ADD (like most of Hollywood) and a prescription for Adderall will solve THAT problem.

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  1. Gutter Trash at it’s finest. The only claim to fame for this nasty creature is she was a groupie and had sex with the lead singer of Nervana. Her meal ticket is his name. Her poor daughter must be screwed in the head.

  2. She’s barely recognizable
    since she had some work done.

  3. Poor thing was a mess before Kurt and is a hotter mess after he killed himself.
    JCha surely you jest OF COURSE SHE’S ON SPEED PILLS!

  4. She is probably already taking drugs again and I don’t mean the prescription kind.

  5. I remember reading something once where she said she didn’t eat chicken cause it was evil. But I guess cigs are not, they’re good? What an idiot.

  6. You would think she would want to live a healthy lifestyle at least for her daughters sake. So she could have her mom around as long as possible. But no, selfish as ever only thinks of her fiendish self.

  7. She lives in Malibu and has skin that is whiter than her dress. Her sunscreen must be in the thousand range.

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