Courtney Love must be quite startled by the gorgeous photographs coming out of her estranged 19 year old daughter Frances Bean Cobain. Frances just has a successful art show in Los Angeles, but the glamour photos make one wonder if she has a modeling career in mind.


  1. What a lovely young lady she tuned out to be. I was thinking that she wasn’t very tall for some reason. Maybe I am wrong.

    Hope this young person can make a go of whatever it is she is looking for careerwise.

    Courtney Love had intelligent but crazy ass parents and grandparents. With her unstable upbringing, I can see where she would be a bit (okay, a lot) unstable growing up.

    I have an album with little Courtney on the back. Five year old Courtney is on the back cover of the 1969 Grateful Dead album “Aoxomoxoa”. She is setting under the tree on the front right side of the photo.

  2. She is GORGEOUS and I think as long as she has a good head on her shoulders and keeps her hand out of the cookie jar(so to speak), she will be a big success! The powers that be hate her mother so this will add the fuel needed to launch her career.

  3. believe it or not: THIS GOOD BE A CLOE/CHANEL COMMERCIAL.

  4. I saw other photos of her recently, she is covered in hideous tattoos, can’t think that would be desirable in a model

  5. @Palermo

    I totally agree with the heavy tats being a turn off in modeling.

    Francis is a very pretty girl, let’s hope none of her parent’s “crazy” affects her.

  6. She is lovely. I can see both parents in her face. I figured she had a good head on her shoulders when she separated herself from her mother. Clearly she is the adult in that relationship.

  7. Walt, that Grateful Dead album is the apex of psychadelic album art from 1969.
    The Grateful Dead name on the front of it reads,”We Ate The Acid”, if you look at it sideways. Thaty as well as penis artwork along the front bottom. True. Reminds me of an old joke.
    What did the Deadhead say when the acid wore off?
    Wow! What a shitty band.

  8. Casonia Logenberry..Fear and Frighten of Hells kitchen but on the other hand people break down and lose there minds on that show. Jennifer really strong and very lucky girl..She got to work with!The King of Cook!Lucky Girl.Keep up the good work! says:

    Thank God for Frances Bean and lovely she is on this earth to carry on in any direction she wants and…I do wish her the best luck in the world no matter what direction she goes? Happy for her and she turned out really breath taking young lady.

  9. You know Casonia, people don’t just “break down and lose their minds”, on Hells Kitchen.
    Some times…it happens…right here on Janet Charlton’s Hollywood.

  10. Patrick is right. To hell with hell’s kitchen and all its schmaltz.

  11. Maybe Frances can help her crazy mom. And maybe crazy mom can help her daughter by teaching her NOT follow her footsteps.

  12. Casonia logenberry..Enough about Hells kitchen this people don't even know I am alive? But A.B.C. TV is taking off One life to live and replacing it a show call The Chew and..I say Screw The Chew and leave my Roger Howarth alone. says:

    I understand that Hells kitchen is Hell but I want to be part of it? I love the show Patrick! Frances Bean is doing great and has massive plans for her future and it is nice to see her around and it has been years and she looks great. Her mother is not crazy she just loves her little girl too much and lets face facts that is her only child.

  13. She may be very looney at heart…it just doesnt show in these pictures but staying away from her mother who is skanky and probably now screwing BLACKS shows that at least she is doing something right.

  14. @Patrick

    I wasn’t much of a Deadhead but I had buddies that were. The crazy art work of that era was something else. I always loved holding an album and looking it over when I was playing someone’s music. I still miss albums.


    To Whom It May Concern:

    I don’t know why if someone feels passionate about a tv like say that piece of shit tv show called Hell’s Kitchen that they don’t create their own blog and stay off Janet’s Gossip website.

    Make your own blog. You can do it completely free. Just don’t do it here.

  15. @Denise

    LOL!!!!! Something tells me she isn’t as obessed with Hell’s Kitchen as she is obsessed with this website or any website that she can blast her freaky messages.

  16. Obviosly nose and lip job. Poor child, another victim of the gotta look perfect WHollywood mentality.

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