Corey Feldman, 49, did manage to land himself an attractive third wife, despite being something of a Hollywood crackpot. He has long patted himself on the back for “exposing Hollywood pedophilia “ and talked about his own and Corey Haim’s abuse when they were child actors. But he was criticized for not naming names and when he DID, nobody else came forward with claims against the bad guys, and they got away with it. Corey claimed that Charlie Sheen abused 13 year old Haim, but when the National Enquirer wrote about it, Sheen sued them and it was quietly settled. So Corey Feldman’s accusations failed to humiliate or jail any pedophiles, while the #MeToo movement continues to succeed…

Above, Corey and wife Courtney at an Anti-Bully event

Photo credit: BACKGRID USA

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