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Here’s Jessica Simpson dashing through LAX to catch a New York flight Monday. She’s got her Maltese Daisy in her brand new Vuitton carrying case and the dog looks a bit worried. For good reason. On a recent airport visit Jessica carried her constant companion Daisy in her arms and when she reached the security area, absentmindedly plopped the pup down with her handbag on the conveyor belt to be x-rayed! Security pointed out her error and scooped up Daisy in the nick of time. Now her pooch travels in high style and observers say Daisy (named after her Dukes of Hazzard character) is a filling the void where Nick used to be.

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12 thoughts on “CONSTANT COMPANION

  1. Jess has always had a LV bag for Daisy. Have you not seen the Newlyweds episode where she upgrades? Daisy is a Maltipoo.
    Get the simple facts straight if you expect us to believe the rest of the sotry.

  2. Plus, she got the dog and named the dog long before she was ever considered for the Daisy Duke role.

  3. No offense intended, but how could ANYONE who calls themselves a gossip blogger not know the history of Jessica’s LV pet carriers? It was on every episode of Newlyweds that aired after she got the dog AND she has been photographed with it in countless paparazzi shots.
    This particular blog post is ridiculously fraudulent. I mean, there is “speculation” and then there is “completely pulling the story out of your ass because you haven’t done your homework”. I would file this one under the latter heading.

  4. Be nice people! It’s not like you’re PAYING to access this site. WHo cares if teh story is weak, at least enjoy the new pictures.

  5. Yes, enjoy the fun of this column. It’s not back stabbing or done in a malicious manner. Bravo! It’s refreshing to read items that make you laugh instead of cry or bring out the anger in some of the above comments.

  6. i feel sorry for the poor dog. she looks miserable.

  7. Just a little peek into the fact that these type of sites and papers on the grocery store stands are just usually full of ‘trash’ and misinformation.

  8. It’s a great pic. — Jess looks rested. What more can you say??

  9. PS from my last comment: Yes, she just got off a flight and her hair is flat. But her face looks very pretty. I’m not a big fan of her looks. (I liked brunette Ashlee before all the plastic surgery! Of course, Ash’s old clothes left something to be desired.)
    Anyway, Jess can travel in style with her best friend, which is great!

  10. What do you expect from Miss Chicken of the Sea?

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