Okay, so Colin Farrell has finally acknowledged that he and his girlfriend, Polish actress Alicja Bachleda, welcomed a son, Henry, on October 7. (Alicja was his costar in “Ondine.”) Alicja gave birth in Los Angeles and Colin was just seen at the Michael JacksonThis Is It” premier with another attractive girl. Dos that mean Colin and Alicja are already on the outs? Colin and his last baby mama, model Kim Bordenave, split up not long after their son James, 6, was born, although he remained an active father. Parenthood seems to agree with Colin more than long term relationships.

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  1. He was probably with his sister Claudine. He goes out with her more than with any of the girlfriends he’s had! Anyone got a description of the lady?

  2. Why marry the gold-diggers that feel spreading their legs might trap him in marriage. Just learn to wear a condom. Then dump them.

  3. This filthy and disguting schlub should buy a box of condoms. His defective genes should not be passed on.

  4. Neuter this irresponsible SOB – or pray that he turns into a full-time faggot. And as for the skags and whores that have messed around with him, I hope they get what’s coming to them, a lot of suffering.

  5. Nursie, you are right, and I should have not been so hard on Colin. Mea culpa. However, if both sexes would somewhat restrain themselves there would be less problems, and that goes for others besides H*llyw**d persons.

  6. They are all in the business of ACTING. They know how to charm, deceive, play. I guess women fall for it, unable to distinguish between an act and real life. I hope Colin and Alicja will survive.

  7. While it does take two to tango, Colin should be more responsible than to father another illegitimate child. No matter how jaded this world has become, there is still somewhat of a stigma about that, and the child will be the one to suffer, not Pop. If he isn’t intelligent enough to use a condom, then he should just get himself neutered.

  8. I agree Rolling Eyes.. and these two were pregnant only weeks into really starting this relationship. I for one think they hooked up on the set and he cheated on Emma Forrest and they re hooked up after Emma had kicked him to the curb. I mean they meet in Sept 08 and by Oct 09..they’re parents! Very irresponsible on both their parts. She missed a good chance to be seen at the Toronto Film fest with a noted director and actor but missed out. matter what projects she tries to do.. She’ll now forever be known and Colin Farrell’s second baby mama. She’ll never have the same amount of respect.

  9. Just because he was seen at a premiere with a lady does not mean he is dating her. Alicja and Colin are still together… I get a feeling he`s different, more responsible… Everytime I hear of him these days, I like him more because he seems to have gotten his life back together. I just don`t think Alicja and Colin are over or anything like that.

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