This photo makes us want to tear our hair out because it illustrates how much influence the overbearing Kardashians have had on the world of makeup. Christina Aguilera has a perfectly nice face but when she appeared at a red carpet event for The Voice this week she looked like THIS. The hair is cool, but she’s PAINTED and shaded within an inch of her life! How far is the artificial look going to go? Those heavy false eyelashes – everything looks drawn on. What happened to “the natural look?” The Kardashians seem to have made caked-on makeup okay.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News



  1. Stage makeup is appropriate for the stage, but going like that out to dinner is really creepy. Let her be creepy. So what.

  2. Oddball. She was very happy to be munched on by Sam Ronson so that shows the extent of her class!

  3. She was extremely eager to be Sam Ronson’s morning, noon, and evening eager piece!

  4. Christiana has always loved going overboard with makeup. It made news once when she tried a “natural” makeup look. Now she just looks plastic.

  5. I like it too!!!
    Makeup has been around a lot longer than that family. Cleopatria wore it, it’s for empowerment. In fashion, makeup has always gone through it’s phases…vogue look, then natural look, over & over through time. PLEASE DON’T EVER GIVE THAT FAMILY CREDIT FOR MAKEUP! THEY DON’T DESERVE IT. Personally, I think Christina looks fab! both ways!

  6. Are there any photos of knarly Sam Ronson thrashing about between a nude & made up Chrissy’s willing thighs?

  7. She has always worn way too much makeup. At least she isn’t orange like she used to appear.

  8. Chrissy was extremely eager to be knarly Sam Ronson’s morning, noon, and evening go to piece!

  9. What is next Ruby Rose on Chrissy?

    Chrissy was extremely eager to be knarly Sam Ronson’s morning, noon, and evening go to piece!

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