It’s Christie Brinkley’s 62nd birthday and she’s spent it with her geographically undesirable boyfriend John Mellencamp. Despite a divorce and grown-up kids, John, 64, still lives at his 65 acre estate in Bloomington, Indiana, and he vows that he’ll never move – he will “die there.” His last girlfriend Meg Ryan wanted him to move to New York but he says he can’t bear to live there – he’s far “too sensitive.” So he and Meg split. Now he’s got an Uptown Girl and we have a feeling Christie is not interested in moving to Indiana, but she enjoys having a part-time boyfriend.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI


  1. How fake, annoying and plastic is she? And why do u insult Mellencamp?

  2. Christie Brinkley is blessed with great genes (and likely a great Doc) who keeps her looking beautifully natural. Her greatest asset is her positive and happy attitude and it fits that she’s dating someone who is also happy with himself.

  3. I can’t imagine a better arrangement than a part-time boyfriend.

  4. Enough with the oversize grin already! We don’t need to see every single molar in each picture of this tedious woman!

  5. If JM is REALLY SINCERE? WHY is he dating gals outside of IN? I call BS.

  6. NO ONE looks like that at 61 without extensive plastic surgery over the years. Give us all a brake! She’s got about 4, if not 5, surgeries behind all the glamour.

  7. I love John, I’ve seen him 5 times but his cigarette habit, pre heart attack was 5 packs a day, now down to 2. He needs to give them up period!

  8. Meg Ryan never wanted him to move to New York. She dumped him last year for the so-manieth time because he not a good man. Bad behavior most of the time. Christie’s gonna find that out too of course, but she will probably be stupid enough to marry him. Which means she has a 5th divorce on her way. Charming. Not. And is that grin the only facial expression she has?

  9. She looks like a mental patient here lol it’s sad when a woman cant just be allowed to age naturally what a pathetic existence to be so preoccupied with this image she thinks she has to uphold at her age she almost looks Asian at this point..that aint good genes

  10. John pounding someone? Think again. After smoking 80 cigs per day for hald a decade and Popping loads of Xanax, he wont be able to get anything going on. Not that Christie cares because as her ex hubbies have told, she hates sex.

    Billy >>>>>>>> John

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