What is Cher doing today? She is NOT a fan of Thanksgiving. Not sure if she’s celebrating this year with her new boyfriend Alexander “AE” Edwards, but in past years she has avoided the holiday. Besides being a strict vegetarian, Cher thinks Thanksgiving celebrates the criminal genocide of Native Americans. “We stole their land and gave them blankets laced with smallpox!” she once wrote on social media. Ironic, because Cher has a lot to be grateful for…

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA

4 thoughts on “CHER: WILL SHE OR WON’T SHE?

  1. Why should Cher’s opinion mean anything to me? It doesn’t.

  2. Thanksgiving is an abomination for many reasons and Black Friday is not far behind. I don’t eat a murdered bird and honor genocide by white christian Europeans on Thanksgiving and I don’t buy anything on Black Friday.

  3. Cher is part Native indian. Her Thanksgiving memories may be different than white folk

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