Apparently she doesn’t mind being looked at, because this is how Cher struts through the airport – in a white cowgirl hat and boyfriend jeans. It’s not one of our favorite fashion moments, but Cher herself looks great – even if her face is tanner than her feet. Speaking of boyfriends, she WAS seen this summer in Malibu with her 24 years younger biker boyfriend Tim Medved. – so THAT might still be happening. Good for her.

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  1. hahahahahahahahahahahaha, AMERICANS HATE THE WORD OF “OLD”?, hahahahahahahahaha!!

  2. There is no song more repulsive that “If I could Turn Back Time”.

  3. Cher has such a deep manly voice maybe this is partly why Chastity wanted to turn into Chaz.

  4. Love her singing voice, very underrated, her back catalog has some amazing vocal stylings, including Leon Russell’s “A Song For You” (great arrangement). Where’s her new album, hopefully she’ll go back to her folk-rock roots.

  5. “Underrated” singing voice is right; people only tend to notice the idiosyncrasies of it, but not the craft. She gets major points for being old school and always singing LIVE.

  6. Sing it sister! A lot of my fave cuts are the ones that weren’t big hits, like “Train of Thought”, “I Saw A Man (and he danced with his wife)”, “Just This One Time”, “Flashback”, “Spring”, “Early Morning Strangers” – I’m prattling on here but I think she deserves more props for her unique voice and the way she makes a song her’s.

  7. She is fashion and passion and she works her clothes well and she is in great shape and looks really good and well rested and of course many men are still in love with her and many men still have major crush on her big time but of course she is strong and pushing so much ahead of herself and really busting a move and making the world a better place and styling big time.

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