Did anyone happen to notice how incredibly complicated Cher’s dress at the London premier of “Burlesque” was? It actually diverted attention away from the movie’s disappointing boxoffice performance. Cher’s goth-inspired Julian McDonald gown was customized to give her a little more skirt coverage but as you can see by the back and front views it must be a chore to put the outfit together. Adding to the fun was the tiny piece of tape near Cher’s earring that had observers speculating that her flawless neck and face might be pulled back with tape under her wig. Imagine how many hours Cher spent getting ready for this event – Burlesque producers should give her a bonus.

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  1. RED ALERT!! Cher, fire your stylist team NOW!!

    Cher should take a lesson from this photo and try to dress and style herself more age apropriate!! She still is beautiful but she needs to forget her heyday.

    The 80’s are DEAD!!!

    This get-up is not workin’ for her.


  2. Love me some Cher, but I’m not the ‘love is blind’ type at all. This getup is a disaster. Any wig would have been better than what she’s wearing imo.

    $33MM domestic 2 week total isn’t bad for a musical, but it’s no Moonstruck smash hit. It’s European ticket sales and eventual DVD receipts will probably recoup the overall investment, but not much more.

  3. I’ve always loved Cher, esp. in her days with Sonny when she was the cutest and most unique and they sounded so GOOD together.

    THIS IS THE WORST “CHER” OUTFIT EVER!!! No contest! Why did whoever was in charge even BOTHER putting a back on that “dress”? The triangle area of darker shading where her buttcheeks go under is something I think most living people who have been here since she began her career, could have easily gone the rest of their lives without seeing.

    Not being a proctologist, that part of her anatomy just doesn’t hold much interest and I can’t understand why she would celebrate it so loudly in public. She might as well have one of those movie premier searchlights up under there illuminating the whole friggin deal of rusty creaky Cher sections as she proceeds forward. YIKES I can hear her now! Squeek… Squeek… Squeek….

  4. And yes, Sebastian, I think maybe RuPaul has turned her into a transvestite drag queen on that show of his/hers.

    And yes, I can see the “facelift tape” too. It’s also a trick the drag queens do under all their make-up and wigs. Cher should never ever ever wear a red wig again. NOT her color!

    And her fake big round boobs sure make one nostalgic for the “real” Cher of old who was so sleek and fine with her small but perfect boobs, enviable figure and perfect long long black straight hair. She has been trying to top herself ever since to no avail. Sad. BBOC! (Bring Back Original Cher!)

  5. I love Cher, but what she has done to her once-unique face is a crying shame. She has ruined her acting career by surgically immobilizing her face. So sad.

  6. Christy: you are right about the tape you see, you can blow up the pic and see it ultra-clear. There is also one on her face at the edge of the hair near the cheek, halfway between her jawline and edge of her eye. I’m sure there are others hidden under the wig all along the rim of it. It’s exactly what the trannies do to pull their faces back before they “put their faces on”. You’re not supposed to be able to SEE the tape so I’d say her make-up artist might be looking for other work soon. Too bad Cher can’t just relax and be herself. At some point she’s going to have to be introduced to her REAL self.

  7. She should just go to the nearest Italian pizzaria and find another boytoy, of which there are hundreds that would like to enjoy her fab lifestyle and her fab mansion.

  8. LMAO! Her boobs are not fake. She’s heavier now than she was 30 years ago and it’s called a push up bra. Der!!

  9. Reta, I thought Cher always was a drag queen.

    She needs to hang up her stilettos, and grow up. She is grandma-aged now, and should accept the fact that she is neither 30, nor a young-looking 45.

  10. Sorry, but yes her boobs are fake, she said so. This outfit, hair, the whole package is absolutely hideous. Why does someone in her 60s, even if she is Cher, try and compete with 20 year olds. Helen Mirren is the one I admire, always looks classy and age appropriate, but still gorgeous.

  11. You cannot compare apples to oranges. Helen Mirren is as organic as they come, so is Meryl Streep, Anette Bening. There are semi-done actresses who still look tasteful and fresh eg Michelle Pfeiffer. And there are the ones who messed up their faces to the point of no return. It’s either a tape, clip-on nose or no recognition. Look at Meg Ryan… that face is a crime!
    I like Cher’s persistence in adversity, she has a lovely figure. She can act! However… I agree with all the comments above… it’s time to drop ridiculous clothes and the tape must go. Yikes!

  12. Palermo, I’ve read that Cher admitted to a boob lift, and that was quite awhile ago, but no implants.

  13. Why does she wear wigs all the time? Is she balding?

    Never heard of taping your face off your head. Hmmm, I’m gonna have to try that if anything is left after I wrap these gifts.

  14. Naomi, the practice of taping is quite common and goes back several decades. Older actresses who have stayed out of the public eye will do it for a special occasion, and they will do it with an older actress when she is playing her character’s slightly younger self. Marlene Dietrich used to use surgical wire and devices that resembled fish hooks. How she escaped serious infection is beyond me.

  15. It must be quite the horror if the tape loosens when out and about. Can you imagine being on Oprah and having your face just collapse?

  16. Cher looks pretty damn fabulous for her age. She dresses that way for a premier because she’s in show business. She’s Cher, after all.

  17. I totally agree with you Bettye and hardly ever say this, but, well, let’s just say I’m glad the London premier is behind her :>)

  18. Ugh. Much love for the phenomenon that is Cher, but the tell-tale sign of all the scaffolding beneath her fixtures is a sad sight to see.

    There is a book that describes the incredible regimen Marlena Dietrich used to put herself through before taking the stage during the run of her legendary live shows.

    In short, it involved pulling her white hair back into a series of small braids; pulling up any additional loose facial skin and holding it in place with surgical pins; daubing the resultant blood spots with antiseptic cream; and finally, pulling one of her custom-made wigs over the whole melange.

    Cher may be headed for an equally dire (and painful!) future—assuming she isn’t there already. 🙁

  19. P.S. A quote from her troubled son Elijah—that Cher would “spend hours just staring at her face in the mirror,” and memories of the old Sonny & Cher Show—in which many of the running gags revolved around Cher’s then-very-prominent nose, makes one think she’s grappling with some very deep-seated issues about her looks (i.e. in her mind, an “ugly girl” who can never be pretty).

    If so, aging is going to hit her psyche like a tsunami.

  20. “Marlene,” but you knew who I was talking about, right? 🙂

  21. She definitely had a boob job, she’s said so herself and it’s no secret. She hasn’t gained enough weight to account for an entire new bosom. Do you not recall her small but beautiful breasts in her old TV show with Sonny? She had a model’s figure then and Bob Mackie was made famous dressing her in outlandish fabulousness.

    I really do miss her original face. it’s like that person died. We’ll never get to see her that way again, which is such a shame because she was really beautiful and natural, just stunningly unique AND could sing, and when she started acting she blew me away. Just great!

    Now, you can’t sit back and enjoy her in a movie, you are too busy being amazed by what she’s done to her face and body, and wishing she could replace that fake Cher with the real one again. Too bad. She really blew it. Much like the “cat woman” only not as hideous, it still is shocking and irreversible. I miss HER.

  22. Yes Reta….I remember very well Cher’s size 34 B’s even when she weighed 100lbs soaking wet during S&C show. Cher had her breasts lifted after Elijah (which is actually a reduction!) Cher is easily 25 lbs heavier now. Tell me your tits wouldnt be bigger with a weight gain and a push up bra?!!!

  23. Wasn’t Cher’s boob lift the first time that a celeb’s breast plastic surgery was made public? I was a kid at the time, and remember people being scandalized by it, and talking about it at parties.

    Cher was always known for doing things that highlighted that she was not a mere mortal, but that breast lift, at that time, was a biggie even for her.

  24. Yup Sebastian, it was all over the news when she had it done back in the late 70’s. Cher has always said her ideal body is a dancer’s body. Thats why she had the reduction after Elijah. Cher doesn’t like/want large breasts so it makes me laugh when people make these comments that she’s had implants…it’s not like she’s that well endowed anyway.

  25. Back in the 70’s Cher’s primary designer was Bob Mackie. She had the figure to go with the styles. Cher will always be recognized as Cher,
    but with the Stephanie Powers hair coloring, and the double ugly frock that she is wearing,
    I find it hard to believe that she feel comfortable wearing this cheap bag lady outfit.
    If a designer gave her this reject,she should have given it back,and if she brought this hang me down disaster off the rack, she evidently had her eyes closed when she purchased it. This homey outfit should be dropped off into the nearest dumpster!!

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