We absolutely LOVE this new couple – it reaffirms out belief that anything can happen in this life. Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent were seen smooching in New Orleans at a couple of clubs, looking very affectionate. When you think about it – they DO have things in common – they’re both sexy, and smarter than they look, and he LOVES her sense of humor. This romance actually started last year when Fifty guested on Chelsea’s show – on the video above you can see all sorts of flirting going on between them. Chelsea says he propositioned her after the show and she turned him down, but later they exchanged meaningful tweets …and the rest is history.



  1. I don’t know exactly what it is, but the thought of these two is just gross.

    I’ll admit I do not like 50 – he is ghetto trash and a criminal. For that matter, Chelsea is a drunk (her admission) and a bit of a skank.

    Ah, hell, they deserve each other.

  2. And the black-guy-white-girl thing is so 1990’s, if that.

    (There, that should have funky booty’s weave over-heating).

  3. “We absolutely LOVE this new couple..”

    Wow. That not only left me scratching my head, but speechless too. Each to their own. About the best I can do is to echo Sebastian’s sentiments: they totally deserve each other.

  4. I hope this works out better than the Craig Ferguson/ Sharon Stone on TV flirtation that ended with them dating. That ended quickly when Craig figured out she was crazy. Now she’ll go on ANY talk show but Craig’s.

  5. He’s as gay as a spring frock…and he hates gays…doth protest too much. She’s not funny…she’s the female Dane Cook…vile.

  6. What is new…she is white and a manufactured blonde…big time trash, as well. He may or may not be a fag but he is certainly black.

  7. Never heard of this last name before, it is so appropriate for her.

  8. HAHAHA! Indy I missed that.

    Her last name is Handler, not Lately. Chelsea Lately is the name of her show.

    Doesn’t anyone copy edit and fact that these stories???

  9. You see alot of white guys with asian gals and no one care about it. You see a black guy with a white gal and people go absolutely crazy. Stop yourselves folks, it’s not just 90’s, it’s life. I know you can’t handle it but that’s just too damn bad.

  10. Lenny, I don’t think people doing something just because it is “shocking” (which it isn’t anymore – that was my point) does anything to fight racism.

    And BTW, people may not have a blatant reaction to white guys and Asian girls hooking up, but there are lots of jokes.

    People have a right to be suspicious of interactial relationships. When the two people seem smart, worldly, balanced and sensible, no one would care, but when they are trendoids, dimwits, too young and inexperienced, or just frivilous and silly, then one knows that is not a sensible thing. After all, they are going to have to deal with racism, and significant differences in life experience – it takes strong and smart people to do that day in, day out.

  11. It must be real. Nothing says love like “meaningful tweets”.

  12. I watch her show nearly every night. She has very funny guests who are comedians, and then a guest for a sit-down interview. This was wher he come on. I remeber him coming on and watched this show. Remeber them flirting a lot, but didn’t think much of it because that’s her “shtick” so to speak. That, and vodka jokes. She flirts with everybody, male AND female. She dated the head of “E”, her “older man silver fox” for a long time, and broke up sometime last year, and recently her boyfriend was a animal expert who came on and they were both very flirtatious with each other then too. He was a white dude with blonde hair, very cute and masculine and they went together for quite a while before splitting up recently. “Fitty” as it’s pronouned must have got together with her after that, not too long ago. I myself don’t care for him because of his criminal past. I don’t like people being gang-bangers, using guns, or killing selling drugs, and then making a ton of dough off it and getting rich telling all about how to be a criminal so the next generation of vulnerable little monsters can take lessons on how to get rich too. He even had a movie “Get Rich or Die Tryin”. I know he was shot 9 times as well. Yeah, THAT’S a real “hero” if you ask me. I think this is going to make me stop watching her show, no matter HOW many cool comedians are on it! And I don’t give a shit if he’s black and she’s white, it’s not ABOUT that. It’s about having been a decent person ALL your life and not getting rich off the misery of others. Wonder if he has given any of those riches to any of his victim’s families? I doubt it. Drive-by’s are so annonymous and random…just something to do…go shoot up a neighborhood or corner because you CAN!!!

  13. I also watch Chelsea and she does flirt with everyone and she does have a drinking problem. As for as 50 cents (Curtis Jackson) I think is his really name which I’d rather call him. He seems like a guy with a very troubled past that’s turned it around and is doing something right and that’s always good. But if he isn’t piss on him.

  14. Tsk. You people ….

    this is a SHOWMANCE Fiddy is down-low.

    Chelsea is a known boozehound AND COKE HEAD. Which is why TED her beau from E! dumped her. Her live shows are known for her being a trainwreck due to her boozed out TWEEKING.

    Sebastian, why do you think that funky booty wears a weave and what does it matter? Where I live white girls with the weaves … cause the hair is so thin (Cali)

  15. HaHaHa! Thanks Mel. I mean just listen to the way 50 speaks!

    As for Chelsea, she is funny in her way, but seems a major nympho. I would bet dollars to donuts, that any time her guest is male, in decent shape, and with any degree of fame, her seat is soaking wet by the end of the show.

  16. Everyone knows CH likes “Black $#^&”. They r the perfect match.


  17. yes Mel.. Fitty’s a downlow brotha. this is just a publicity stunt, they are friends or they are working on a project.

  18. Wow, there are some racist idiots on this page who gives a F### who she chooses to date shocking or not black,white,asian,whatever I love her and whoever she chooses to date. I Can’t believe there are still narrow minded sick people in the world. You go Chelsea get that chocolate love 🙂

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