Charlize Theron has finally addressed the delicate issue of her seven year old son Jackson dressing like a girl. (She also has a three year old daughter, August.) When Charlize adopted her first baby she introduced him to the world as a boy. Jackson has been photographed through the years wearing skirts and long braided hair. Charlize said ”Jackson looked at me when she was three years old and said ‘I am not a boy!’ Now I have two beautiful daughters and like any parent, I want to protect them and see them thrive.”

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA



  1. WEIRDO. Parents are making their kids like this. You think it’s an accident that all of a sudden every other kid is “gender confused”? Where were all these gender confused kids when I went to school? There was maybe like one gay kid, no one was gender confused. Not even the gay kid.

  2. Hopefully child protection authorities are keeping a close eye on this odd woman

  3. Interesting that many celeb kids are being forced to be something they are not and it’s all because of their mentally ill actor parents forcing them to do this. There is a reason why ACTORS are more comfortable being someone else than themselves and why they act.

  4. So if your 3 year old child told you they wanted to start driving, would you say OK and hand them the keys? There is either something in the water in Hollyweird or these parents are giving up on raising and guiding their children and just parenting on what makes them feel good.

  5. She needs to be taken out like Cersei and shamed by everyone, she’s the worst. I agree with every poster above. She is mentally ill and wants her kids to be as crazy as her.

  6. These progressive types encourage their kids to be gender whatever because it makes them look good to their liberal friends. They can squawk about how progressive and tolerant they are and get a round of applause. It’s all about their own narcissism. They’re giving kids chemicals to castrate them before they have even gone through puberty. It’s demented. 95% of children who express gender confusion spontaneously lose those feelings when puberty hits. By preventing puberty you are keeping your kid from evolving. What’s progressive about that?

  7. Look at me! Look at me! Doesn’t this “actress” get enough attention without coaching her child on gender? A child learns what he or she is taught. Is it any surprise parents who like hockey have children who like hockey? Or if they like baseball, the children like baseball? Children follow parents and like what they like. They want the attention and affirmation of the parent. That’s how it works when you’re a child! What is being taught in these homes? That when you’re 3, you get to decide you’re a girl and mom thinks this is great? You get mom’s attention over this, so you dig in more so you get more attention? Children having gender identification issues is NOT normal and no one will ever convince me it is. There is something going on with parenting, or lack of parenting, and I find it very upsetting and concerning for these young children who need guidance. They don’t need someone to sign on to their abnormal thinking.

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