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Charlie Sheen didn’t do his “Scary Movie 5” costar Lindsay Lohan a FAVOR when he gave her that $100,000 check to cover her IRS debt. Why? Because every time Lindsay gets off the hook for one of her crimes and misdemeanors, it means she didn’t learn her lesson and will probably do it again, simply because she got away with it. Lindsay’s illegal behavior is likely to continue because she’s rarely punished and chooses to blame everybody but herself for her actions. Maybe Charlie had good intentions, but we can think of a lot of better things to do with that money.


  1. Her new TV movie was just awful. Put me to sleep, and the real nightmare was waking up and it was still on as they ran it back to back!

  2. Can you imagine the mixing of STD’s and skank when these two got together?

  3. I still can’t believe how much they paid Charlie Sheen to be on that tv show. He has more money than we will ever see in this lifetime, and he’s a total loser. He probably sees Lindsay as the young “Charlie”. They are both going to come to a tragic end.

  4. Please. Sheen spent more money than that on hookers and blow last week.

    Think of this cash gift as being akin to the guardian angel helping hand offered by Wayne Newton to Dana Plato (RIP) when she was so obviously on her last legs—just as Lohan is.

  5. Can you imagine the drug fuelled night of skank, filth … the exchange of diseased bodily fluids that led to Sheen cutting the check….

  6. Palermo is right….they are both heading to a tragic end. In fact, I can’t believe they are both still living and breathing; ’tis pitiful really that they are so hell-bent to destruction.

    PS: LL’s movie barely got 1/2 star in the latest reviews.

  7. I think their brains are so scrambled with booze, drugs, prostitues, lesbians, partying, etc. that neither one knows what the h*ll they are doing.

    P.S….And, to be fair, one of the reviews gave THAT movie one whole entire star. LOL

  8. Don’t have cable–just waiting for Netflix to send Liz and Dick for a night of laughs.

  9. I can’t criticize a friend helping a friend out. Besides, as “Winning” said above, he has that kind of cash to “blow”.

  10. Quote: “I think their brains are so scrambled with booze, drugs, prostitues, lesbians, partying, etc.”

    The primary Obama supporters!

  11. If any of these two idiots took their careers seriously, you’d never hear much about their private lives.

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