Madonna is very controlling when it comes to her daughter Lourdes and we wonder if Lourdes will turn out to be as mean-spirited and elitist as her mother seems to be in the following letter. It’s classic Madonna attidude– and she might prefer that Lourdes doesn’t see it. In the summer of 1991 Madonna was filming “A League of Their Own” in Chicago and she wrote this letter to her friend photographer Steven Meisel. Later they worked together on her Sex book.


  1. I hate her personality…always have. I couldnt believe what a snotty b*tch she was on Oprah and various other shows I’ve seen her on.
    I have liked some of her music…just some of it…but she is nasty person.

  2. No doubt her daughter will grow up to be a See You Next Tuesday person too.

  3. @cal

    That’s too bad. Because she is turning into some serious cuteness…

  4. @Frank – if she was my mother, it is highly likely I would turn out that way too.

  5. I really enjoy some of her music. HOwever, as a person, she just isn’t likable. She is beyond self absorbed and she has that “i’m better than you” attitude. I don’t see how anyone could stand her longer than 5 minutes.

  6. Funny how she’s dissing actresses, when she has tried so hard to be one herself. And has failed miserably.

  7. I used to admire her back in the 80’s until I realized what a horrible narcissist she is. Now she makes me sick with her holier than thou elitist crap. The only people that still like her are gay sycophants.

  8. Denise- Indeed! By the time she made LOTO, she’d already failed many times over in her quest to be taken seriously as an actress. No small wonder she claimed to “hate actresses”… she knew it was the one exclusive club she couldn’t buy her way into.

  9. Madonna was about 30 when she wrote this–still at that time a young arrogant adult, which should end much sooner than age 30. Interesting handwriting indicating what you see is what you get, and a love of the arts.

  10. Madonna is such a spiteful poseur. I hope her movie, and she sucks at all thing movie making, let’s be honest here, is a complete and total fail. I hope her children can see through her crap — or even more remotely possible — I hope Madge is a good mom. BWHahahahahahahahahah.

  11. And, I hope her kids will tell her to go jump in the river Styx and that they will not be involved in Kaballah, a very evil cult. Why is it evil, you may ask. Because the name of Christ, the only Savior, is nowhere to be found in their off the wall beliefs.

    BTW, her shoddy, spotty writing gives a clue as to who she is.

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