Karrine Steffans


Vanity Fair is coming out with a revealing story about Whitney Houston’s final days. For one thing, we didn’t realize that Whitney frequently read and quoted the bible. The writer interviewed video vixen Karrine Steffans, the onetime girlfriend of Bobby Brown. Karrine said Bobby always felt bad because he was accused of introducing Whitney to drugs, but she was already using them. (Bobby, we DO believe you!) Karrine also hinted that Whitney’s alleged last boyfriend, Ray J, might have been a negative influence on Whitney. She said one night she got a call from Ray J and he asked if Bobby was there. She answered yes, and Ray J smirked “Tell him I slept with both of his chicks – you, and now his wife!”



Jamie Foxx has been found guilty of having questionable taste. Satuday night the Oscar winner and a group of buddies were partying at Xenii,and Karrine Steffans AKA “Superhead” joined them at their table. (She’s the Video Vixen who wrote the detailed book about her sexcapades with celebrities) Jamie seemed to enjoy her attention and she returned to hang with him several times during the evening. Recently Karrine had been keeping company with Bobby Brown, but he’s been in Las Vegas filming his reality show. At closing time (5 AM) Jamie and Karrine left TOGETHER, prompting an observer to shrug “He better watch out or he’ll end up a chapter in her next book!”

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While Jim Carrey waited outside with his motor running in a white SUV, Jenny McCarthy clip clopped into Gelson’s at closing time in Pacific Palisades , wearing black patent stilettoes and a tight miniskirt . She left with a tiny bag of “personal necessities…” Lisa Rinna, picking up still more dance shoes and workout wear at Capezio in Hollywood. The shop is a landmark – it’s been there since 1960… Kiefer Sutherland looking not only clean and sober but “clean cut and well groomed” at California Pizza Kitchen on Sunset… What would Brandy think? Her brother Ray J was seen at Xenii consorting with video vixen Karinne Steffans…..

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Does Whitney Houston KNOW what her husband Bobby Brown is up to? Does she CARE? Bobby, according to a friend, has moved into the home of the notorious Video Vixen Karrine Steffans. This is the woman (nicknamed “Superhead”) who wrote the outrageous book revealing the sex habits of her many famous conquests from Jay-Z, Shaq, Ja Rule, and Bobby, too. Whitney was reportedly furious when she heard Bobby had cheated with Karrine while they were together. Things have gone downhill ever since. Karrine, described by many as a “gold digger” has been hanging with Bobby for the past month.They’ve been seen together at the Grove mall (with Bobby’s kids) and several times at the private club Xenii. (Once Bobby even brought his kids to the club till 5 AM. )Our insider snipes that Karrine is USING Bobby because she wants her own reality show and Bobby’s TV producers are often with him, trying to resuscitate Being Bobby Brown. Is this the last straw for Whitney?

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