Granted, Carly Rae Jepsen IS from Canada, but that’s no excuse for this haircut! Yikes. When is the last time you saw hair this awful? It’s almost Appalachian. The Call Me Maybe singer turned up at The Peoples Choice Awards with this shag/mullet. Of course, she IS set to appear in Grease: Live on Fox on January 31, as Frenchy, who sings “Beauty School Dropout” – but the show is set IN THE 50’s when pony tails and bee hives were in style. (Come to think of it, the late, great Amy Winehouse would have been perfect in Grease.) Whether Carly chose this hair for HERSELF or for the show- it’s a huge mistake either way.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. What bearing does her nationality have to do with her haircut?

  2. Ever seen the Red Green Show? That’s Canada outside of say, Vancouver, or Montreal fer shure!

    A lot of product and a good blow out would alleviate some of the hair problem. The color is not edgy, just a poor choice. That dye job needs to be profesionally stripped. Fixable at around $250 in Vancouver or Montreal. ” Fixable” at $50 elsewhere in Canada.

  3. More physical shaming from the blogger. so much for starting off 2016 being positive

  4. Agree with Bluejay on the hair. Still, even if she had horns & fire shot from her butt, she would look better than the Kardashian Klan.

  5. You are a blogger now and tabloid queen reporter of yesteryear
    I imagine you don’t even bother to respond to comments people leave here but have you seen yourself lately you point fingers at everybody not about talent or how someone good someone can do something you pick apart at their physical appearance yet you look like a dried out piece of beef

    Janet your angry inside and it shows

  6. I must amend my comment. If she gets her hair fixed anywhere outside of metropolitan Vancouver or Montreal, Carly will have to get her head shaved and start over.

  7. I like the layering; it’s just a little disheveled at the moment this was taken.

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