bijoucut.jpgWow. We’ve never seen Bijou Phillips look this beautiful before. Bijou the “wild child” always looked like a little hippie girl who took too many drugs. Especially when she was dating Sean Lennon. Everything changed when she met the right guy: Danny Masterson. Friends credit Danny (That 70’s Show) with getting her to clean up and quit partying and concentrate on acting. She’s making one movie after another and her latest hit is Hostel: Part II. Danny bought a lavish house in Benedict Canyon so they can live together – hopefully happily ever after.



  1. He is Scieno. Soon she will be spouting the cult line. Just wait.

  2. you’re right 10:05 – danny masterson has been sucked into $cientology. i think some other cast members from that 70s show became it the red headed girl also ? dont remember her name.
    bijou does look good.

  3. Ah yes, three o’clock slop cleans up nicely. Still slop thought.

  4. Funny when you know nothing about another persons religion, one must wonder why are they so negative all the time ?
    Course, you are who you are.

  5. scientology is copywritten.
    if one wants to truly KNOW what scientology is, one must pay mega bucks for that knowledge. I ve heard the price is 300,000- 400,000 dollars (to reach the higher levels of)

  6. The red-haired girl on 70’s show dated this dude’s brother. So she, of course, became Scieno too.
    Re: money. The CofS are now creating Levels OT (Operating Theten) 9 & 10 because too many people are reaching 8 and they need to keep the money rolling in. L.Ron only created up to OT VIII but even Tom Cruise has reached that level (that is where you find out about Zenu – what a let down!)
    Members have to give a percentage of their salary to the church.

  7. Seriously, what is it about Scientology that makes seemingly normal people want to jump on the spaceship? Everytime I hear someone has joined up, I immediately lose respect for them and cross them off my “I’ll see a movie/tv show with them.”
    No support for freaky Xenu lovers.

  8. I have more respect for Scientology than Christianity… but not much. Organized religion just sucks.

  9. 9:34am.
    Its pretty obvious what this is about.
    People are lonely, people are confused and people want to belong.
    People want to believe in a higher power, something more important and noble than human beings.
    Human beings are searching for a meaning to life.
    Scientology and other cults have figured to exploit these feelings people have.
    A former Scientologist says, “You don’t find Scientology, Scientology finds YOU”.
    Vunerable and gullible people (who have money) are preyed upon.

  10. Bijou taking drugs in the past has NOTHING to do with Sean Lennon dearie….She is a big girl and took them herself. She cheated on Sean with HIS BEST FRIEND so there you go…a whore with drugs…now she is on another drug…Scientology!

  11. If she doesn’t become a robot wife, once she gets some money and fame she’ll be back at the bars and slut hangouts, because fruity marriages don’t last long, except for Travolta and that’s because his wife could care less about men.

  12. since the invention of the internet, $cientology is getting screwed because it can’t hide all of its mind effing cult manipulative maneuvers….
    you can go to and read about the “big secrets of the universe” that people have been screwed out of hundreds of thousands of dollars and basically their lives..they lose their own will, their own dreams, their own moral compass, their beliefs in god…everything that a person held to be sacred is smashed by the cult.
    when the internet first came out, $cientology sent out a program on a disc for their people to download…this cult that pretends its about clearcommunication…. the program effectively blocks out anything critical of scientology….because of course, people speaking the truth threatens evil godless liars.

  13. after a person has paid dearly to learn the secrets of the universe according to rubberd hubberd….they are promised that they will have these magical superpowers….
    so like Tommy wouldnt need stuntmen because he could fly, bend time and turn his gaze into laserbeams, destroying matter with just one look. ahahahaha (usually after these poor used up folks are finally told the big secret that an alien is running the show and all that bullcrap….many $cientologists have psychotic breakdowns…thats how badly they are mind controlled and manipulated…. it IS that bad.


  15. I love her hair and her dress. He should shave, but otherwise they look happy!

  16. hey if you have the money to give and want something to believe in and you feel that scientology helps then why not belong! mind your bussiness!

  17. 9:00 am.
    You are missing the point- perhaps deliberately.
    Scientology is a cult that practices mind control.

  18. “Hostel 2” isn’t a hit, it got bad reviews and didn’t do well this weekend, GOOD! I like Bijou, but she ain’t half as talented as her dad John Philips, the genius songwriter. His kids must all fight over his song royalties. He wrote some classics that still get used in various projects and played on the radio, plus CD and downloads.

  19. she looks hot! I love her hair! She looks like Veronica Lake!

  20. They have been 2gether for years and she hasnt joined his religion people have the right to beleive in anything they want if it doesnt harm u why r u so against it.Im catolic but u should still respect other peoples belives even if u dont agree with them.Trust me bijou is not stupid she can take care of herslef

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