Photo Credit: Buzz Foto

It’s a mystery. Photographers don’t know WHAT to think because ever since Cameron Diaz split up with Justin Timberlake she has been smiling and pleasant! She’s a whole new girl! When she and Justin were together she often flew off the handle and was abusive and insulting to the photographers. They always expected the worst. Justin wasn’t difficult, but Cameron was VERY touchy. Now she’s calm and actually seems happy. She’s leaving the gym again in this picture and looks blissed out.


  1. When you run away from a dog, the dog’s instinct is to chase you.
    Miss Diaz finally figured out, pasting a smile on her face and offering a little wave is the only appropriate way to control the photographers (and the images produced from these situations).
    Throwing a tantrum, flipping the bird, spitting and fighting only drives the price of the image up, and makes the subjects look bad.
    Some of those “photographers” are way too close to their subject.
    This defies logic because their cameras are equipped with super powerful lenses.
    WHY are these people following their subjects INTO the subjects’ vehicles?

  2. OR…..
    Cammie was angry that she was continually being photographed while bearding for the oh-so-gay Miss Timberlake.
    And now that her “mo” has hit the road she can find a straight man to date.
    There’s no BUSINESS like show BUSINESS.

  3. I think she’s trying to prove to the world and TImberlake, that she’s happy, when in fact, she’s a desperate, needy, insecure, and clingy person…basically a nightmare to be in a relationship with.

  4. She’s a fake, have you ever heard her laugh? It’s just stupid..she’s just stupid.

  5. No, no and no… When you have two stars dating – both striving for attention, what happens when the press wants the attention of the one with the current movie or music.
    The other one is like in denial and is jealous.

  6. Here eyes… Kinda makes her look like a psychopath.
    Actually she been outside walking around and just hardly wearing any make up…
    She needs a make over like really bad. Wonder when the last time she painted her finger nails and toe nails?
    Course, if she really wanted to meet a decent guy she should get involved with the local Habitat for Humanity.
    Wonder what she looks like in bib overalls and a green tube top> ?

  7. She’s high, it’ll make anyone feel better and smile!

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