That headline is something we’ve been saying to our friends for weeks and it’s finally come out in the open. Imagine – a MAN named Matt Walsh wrote this long commentary for The Blaze about the Jenner Vanity Fair cover. We certainly don’t agree with everything Matt says, but he makes some good points.
Bruce claims to feel “authentic” on the magazine cover – after extensive plastic surgery, synthetic hormone treatments, tons of makeup, fake hair, and serious photoshopping. Authentic? Jenner APPEARS to pass as a woman. He claims to experience feelings that he assumes are feminine- and he can afford to act upon his impulses. But there IS more to a woman than “feminized features” and frilly underwear – Bruce does not and never will have a woman’s biology. We sympathize with Bruce and we WILL call him Caitlyn, but we will never call him a woman.



  1. I do pity him, hes been brainwashed to oblivion. But yes, the infamous libtard agenda goes on with species like him and others…. No more real men and real women, barf….

  2. being a woman = wearing high heeled shoes, makeup and long hair?

    transgendered people REINFORCE gender stereotypes even as they are claim to destroy these stereotypes.

    there are many “real” women (who were born female) who do not dress in high heeled shoes, wear makeup or dresses.

    what makes a woman a woman?

    what makes a man a man?

    there are women born without uterus, are they not women?

    there are women born with two vaginas, are they twice the woman than the next?

    this is a debate of what makes women women and what makes a man a man has gone on long before bruce jenner became caitlin jenner.

    in the vanity fair footage, broad shouldered caitlin jenner towered over annie lebowitz, who is female not at all feminine.

    by comparison, caitlin jenner made annie lebowitz look like a beauty pageant contestant.

  3. Call out these Tranny’s for the weirdo’s they are.

  4. You have become so harsh towards men, JC. I’ve noticed it in most of your posts in the last few months. Is there a reason for such anger toward and denigration of men?

    I feel sorry for Brucait. At his age, this metamorphosis can only lead to tears.

  5. You seem to have a real problem with the trans community. Your remarks are beyond ignorant and quite frankly offputting. There is more to being a woman than wearing a dress and makeup.

    Jenner happens to be a woman who was born into the wrong body. She deserves respect for having the guts to be true to herself. Shame on you.

  6. Regarding Vic’s comment. If Jenner is to be believed when he was interviewed by Diane Sawyer, then Jenner was actually born a lesbian!!!
    You see, Jenner clearly stated he was not attracted to men and still was toward women. Yet he denied he was a lesbian. WHAT? That makes no sense. It would appear Jenner is confused which could be a problem down the road or he lied to Diane which would suggest he hasn’t accepted his true feelings toward men. In reality he could be a Transvestite which is a man enjoying to dress as a women. Many such TSs are hetero sexually. In any case, I agree with Janet. Jenner truly doesn’t have to resort to all the plastic, superficial accessories to be a woman. Unless, of course, you feel insecure you really do.

  7. …………..and to all decathlon champions!!

  8. At one time he was an American hero but now he is just a national joke. I can’t believe the trans community find this man a role model. Why would they put him on the cover in that bustier? Every person in the world will just be looking at his crotch and noticing that bulge. Why did they not use a picture of him in a dress so not to appear salacious. He has just evolved into the Kartrashians and is all about making money. This pic is all about the lighting, airbrushing and gloss. Let’s see how he looks when he has to live day to day as a female. No one is going to see him as a female but a fake wannabe. No wonder his youngest daughter is so confused about him.

  9. Janet is just mad that Bruce, er Caitlyn, is more of a woman than she is.

  10. The DNA will always show male regardless of the plastic surgery.

  11. Agree completely with Janet. At the end of the day, he is a man in a dress.

  12. Word. Just like the rest of the Kard’s I am over talking about any of them and how they look, and who they date. BJ is such an attention getting ego maniac he may have a female soul, but he is competing to be in the circus. Good God, when you have tea in other countries, I am so tired of being asked what’s is with the American’s fascination with this garbage. They have made enough money off of you x gen, move on.

  13. Right on JC! A rose by any other name is still a rose! As long as you still have your male package, you’re still a man.

  14. This is about one thing, making money. An absolute disgrace.

  15. You people are cold. It’s a complicated thing, changing at that age and he doesn’t have the luxury of being born a woman, so if she has to take a few extra steps to feel womanly, I get it.

  16. I don’t understand or get any of it, but HUBBA HUBBA, Bruce/Caitlyn is HOT, HOT, HOT! He makes a beautiful woman!
    The bustier is not frilly, but more downplayed–so sexy in its simplicity. I don’t see the “package” which makes it easier for “pretend” play if you get what I mean…. ; )

  17. Good Lord, I am already completely sick to death of this person. He/she is every bit as bad as any of the other Kardashians. Complete vain disgusting fool. Once I read they told his daughter they wanted to abort her, who in their right mind would ever do that. I have zero interest in him now. And yes I said him, he is a man. No wonder Kris became a bitch on wheels, married to this for decades.

  18. If he takes those Other K’s down the unhappy road of stolen thunder.. and tells the truth about them, which they are hell bent to never do.. he can call himself a giraffe and have my approval.

  19. Tiny package imposter…so embraces the gay lifestyle and gets its jollies heel napping at Strom

  20. Finally someone calling this out! Bruce Jenner can rename himself Caitlyn. He can wear pretty clothes and have estrogen injections, have plastic surgery to remove his male parts. We live in America, so he can do whatever he wants to himself but just like the other commentars said “he is still a man”. He is not intersex, he was not a woman born in a mans body, he is a man making a conscience choice to dress and add artifical boobs to look like a woman. Poser!

  21. Why do people have to judge others.Do they not have enough in their own lives to keep them busy.Congratulations to Caityln for have the courage to follow her own heart.

  22. Oh, darlings, she is going to have the most dreadful time finding size 13 ladies’ shoes and couture gowns, as she is 6 foot 3 inches. Maybe her ex will help her with this tremendous cost? Or maybe she will get her own reality show to bring in some money? At any rate, whatever Caitlyn does, you can be sure of one thing: She will be hit on by all kind of degenerates and all kinds of screwed up perverts and the paparazzi will always be lurking 24/7. Rots o’ ruck, sweetie.

  23. Wow. Janet, your site has been taken over by bigots…including yourself. This is my last time viewing your website.

  24. Big Tony, you haven’t paid any attention to me over the years?
    I have been ignored?

  25. He has more than the right to do everything thing he has done. It’s his life, his body and more importantly his money. It doesn’t matter if you agree or approve anymore than it matters if he agrees and approves of you.

    This is America. We are not living in the Middle East.

  26. Bruce Jenner is ridiculous. And here is the press calling him Caitlin and refering to him as her. I find this absolutely repugnant. Bruce is a man. He’s an Olympic Gold Medalist. He’s been married multiple times and has a large brood of children. WTF? His former wives have said he likes to dress up in women’s clothing. Well, what’s wrong with that? But pretending he’s a woman and now can be his real self is such a joke. And everyone is playing along with it. The emperor’s new clothes, perhaps?

  27. Some of you are so ignorant. This transgender issue is all about self identity and then trying to make the outside match the ‘self.’ I saw a 20/20 special about a little girl (who is probably now about 11) who was born a boy and self-identifies and has since a very young age, as a girl. Her parents are not trying to stop this or make her go in either direction, but are going with her feelings. So far, now about 7 yrs later, the girl still identifies as a girl, still wants to wear girl clothes, have a girl name… inside she is a girl and has always thought that way about herself. When she’s old enough she’ll have surgery and hormones. Biologically someone may have the originating gender parts and hormones but that doesn’t necessarily match how they self-identify.

  28. Makes my head spin, like in The Exorcist.

    It’s pretty ugly where I live.

  29. I self identify as a Princess so I want the whole world to bow to me and roll out red carpets everywhere I go. If you don’t it’s because you are aristocratic-phobic. This is how I was born.

  30. To each his own. We all have a right to our opinion.

  31. just awful. 6 children and now a woman? ridiculous.

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