How does Jessica Lange REALLY feel about being compared to Caitlyn Jenner on the cover of Vanity Fair? When asked, Jessica claimed she doesn’t do Twitter and had no idea she was trending since the comparison. Of course the so-called resemblance is very flattering for Jenner, not so much for Jessica. She happens to be an extraordinarily beautiful actress. We wonder if she’s privately mortified by the supposed resemblance. Of course, she wouldn’t dare admit it. We happen to think that when Caitlyn has her own hair, she looks more like Helen Hunt.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News



  1. while not a fan of any of the Kartrashians by any means, Bruce seemed the least offensive. He’s probably going through a very tough time, and, on a human level, I hope he makes it out ok.

    not gay, not a liberal, just a mom who understands grief

  2. Me too, I can ‘t imagine wanting to do that, but, it must be incredibly painful and lonely to go through. I hope he survives all the crap that comes after, all the hate.

  3. When I underwent my first change of sexual persona, I found it, well frankly, liberating, whereas, my second reassignment was a little more difficult with all the implants and radical reconstructive surgery but now I’m perfect … so pretty, oh so pretty ..

  4. Poor little imposter, so jealous and so bitter… wants to be Strom but cant be Strom

  5. I think Caitlyn Jenner looks like Indena Menzel.

  6. a free advice, just dont look in a mirror often.

  7. Do not give these people the publicity and notoriety they seek!

  8. I also wonder wonder what Bruce will look like without professional makeup, lighting, wig, and all other special effects. Just like a man in a dress.

  9. Well Janet, how do you feel being compared to the SAW Face mask character You two look much alike and he’s not even real but a mask!

  10. To Strom: We are so glad you are pretty!

    LOVE YA!

  11. Jessica Lange had her pick of the world’s most creative, artistically gifted men. What a life!

    “Fool for Love” was so excellent!

  12. I can’t pick anything except lint out of my underwear. : (

  13. maybe she feels flattered because it’s acknowleding that they are both beautiful? Have you really become such a close minded bigot Janet? For shame.

  14. Poor Sylvia and poor little imposters….so jealous of Strom!

  15. Which is it Strom, pretty or ugly?

    You decide, and let us know.

  16. Nope he doesn’t look like her he looks like Bruce Jenner in make-up.. because that is who he is.

  17. Caitlyn Jenner looks exactly like ex American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi.

  18. Poor bitter Sylvia….used as a tool of the imposters. Certainly, the new Bruce looks as knarly as any other tranny!

  19. Strom, oh Strom, come out come out whereever you are.
    What are you?

  20. Caitlyn after all his plastic surgery is the spitting image of Janice Dickinson after all her plastic surgery (as she is now).

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