Is Nicole Richie devouring a hamburger simply to please her “boyfriend” Brody Jenner – or to please the photographer documenting the incident? We still have our doubts about this relationship – especially since Brody was seen Friday night at Xenii with ANOTHER blonde. Coincidentally or not, Kristin Cavallari was also there with a group of girls but she kept her distance from Brody. Maybe Nicole was at home digesting that hamburger.

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9 thoughts on “BURGER QUEEN

  1. i think the press is on her when she DOESN’T eat, then brings unwanted attention to her when she DOES. what will it take to make the likes of janet and her swine leave the girl alone?

  2. About Nicole’s eating habits. I hosted an event with her in the Spring. She was really smart and pretty nice and devoured a large ham sandwich and chips, and didn’t go use the ‘restroom’. So I’m not convinced of the anorexia claims.

  3. Uh huh she eats – my ass.
    She is so starved she suffers from hair loss, check the top of her head those extensions are hanging on with superglue!!
    Such a publicity whore I’m tired of her dying before my eyes.

  4. I think if everybody stopped picking on her she would be ok. The more attention she gets, the more she will keep losing weight.

  5. I saw Brody leave with the blonde at Xenii. And Nicole was inside. Any idea who it was?

  6. Poor little girl…. if she could only see how truly UGLY she looks walking around like a “bag of bones”.

  7. Damn Paris Herpes Hilton, that is so mean! Leave poor Nicole alone. She’s got enough problems as it is. If she indeed has anorexia, that is a psychiatric disorder.
    You wouldn’t diss a person for being depressed or bipolar. Then again, maybe YOU would.

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